Commit to your dreams

How many hours do you spend on your dreams everyday? How many hours have you set aside to really work out the things you have inside your heart to do?

As we approach 2015, the wise ones amongst us have started drafting plans and setting goals. But that is not enough, we also need to pour in the time needed to work it out. I think it is best to set aside a specific chunk of time dedicated towards the pursuit of these things.

A wise man once challenged me a few years ago as to whether I could focus my attention and sink 10 hours everyday on my plans and pursuits. In his own view, the time spent working out the details of the goal were more important than the day dreaming about fulfilling the goal.

Many people will not get their 2015 plans executed not because they did not draft out workable plans, but more likely because they did not invest enough time. They do not seem able to concentrate and get the work done.

Can you set aside a specific time to get things done everyday? That might be the smartest weapon in your arsenal as we step into 2015.


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