Beyond the cash

ByAdemola Morebise

Beyond the cash

Most discussions about our future moves usually revolves around how much money can we make based on which path we choose to follow.

Most times even in our business pursuits, we also do these same things, choosing to judge business opportunities based only on how much money we stand to gain or the recognition that will come from such pursuits.

It does not have to be like that.

The original definition of Entrepreneurship is a risk taking business man. Entrepreneurs are supposed to be world changers, looking for real problems that they can solve profitably. We need to avoid the tradition of endlessly recycling old ideas, we need something fresh, a new perspective, a more efficient solution. The question we need to constantly ask ourselves should be: can we do better?

There are numerous problems around the world, problems in our society, yet rather than sit down to think up ways we can solve the problems for profit, brilliant minds I know are either looking at ways to get people to click adverts or worse, they are building yet another app for sending messages to your friends.

Some people will make money, some people will make history, a few of us will make both.

If you start looking beyond just making money from your endeavours and start looking at how you the things you spend your time working on can add good value to everyday people, you would find yourself in a new level altogether!

Watching The World

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