Get the facts right

Business men that really know what they are doing know that they are in the facts business. You do not start a business based on how you feel about it. Get your facts right! Every time! No matter how brilliant your business idea is, if it is something only 10 people need in the whole world, it is probably not an idea you want to pursue with your life. How sure are you then, that your idea is something that can scale up?

You need to invest the time into making proper research and analysis. Collect the data and then take long hard looks at the data and asking yourself, what is this data telling us? Where is it leading? Do you have the boldness to follow where it leads?

Get hard facts, not the personal opinion of people. By acquiring information about the true nature of things, you are arming yourself with critical raw material needed to produce a business breakthrough. Eloquence is not a replacement for truth, the best speakers or writers out there can convince you to do anything, but you owe it as a duty to personally confirm the things they say.


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