To a sane 2015…

It was Albert Einstein that defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. Are we heading into 2015 with everything necessary to ensure we will repeat everything we did in 2014 all over again? Or have we really learned from what did not work, why it did not work and how we can fix the problems?

Unless this happens, we are just been insane if we ever think at the end of 2015 we would look back at the year and marvel at how awesome everything has now turned out.

It starts with “I am wrong” or “something is not working”, once you are willing to admit this, you have really broken inertia. Many people are never even willing to admit something is wrong, and this is a grave mistake. Once you admit something is wrong, move on to identify what did not work and how you can fix the problems.

If your goal is to move your business to the next level in 2015, you cannot do that with the same knowledge base you operated from in 2014. If you enter into 2015 using the same methods you used in 2014, you would produce the same results, no doubt. The dates would be different, but the processes and the results would be the same, certainly.

What you need to do is to acquire new knowledge/skills that will allow you move into the next stage. Google remains your best friend, use it to search and find resources for learning.



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