Create Whitespace

One of my favorite principles is this one I learnt from Poju Oyemade and I would love to share it with you today. Ready?

Of course you are.

Whenever things are not working, we usually go all out, looking for what to start doing. Perhaps it might be more profitable to instead search for and stop doing the things that are not working. Create space in your life.

With the newly created space, you will now have the chance and space to breathe easy and plan your next moves. A careful analysis of our life will show us all these things. From my personal experience, the real challenge is that are we willing to really take the bold step and do the needful? Or will we keep managing the situation?

The Pareto principle is certainly correct; only about 20% of our efforts actually produce 80% of the results we want, Why then should we not simply seek the things that are working, focus on them and toss away the garbage. Most people boast of having many friends, yet only 3 – 5 of them are actually making any important contribution towards moving them ahead towards their life goals.

I have found this whitespace principle to very helpful to me over the years as I often stop to think about it and review my activities and make key decisions.

  • You do not need many friends hovering around you unproductively
  • You do not have to attend every function (try delegating)
  • You do not need to try out every offer that comes your way. Be wise, not every offer is the offer
  • You can say NO to anybody
  • Avoid allowing small things to trap you down and stop you from processing the big moves
  • …and a dozen other things must be ringing through your mind now. (If not, stop and think)

Create whitespace, set yourself free!


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