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ByAdemola Morebise

No Options

Are you feeling happy and productive enough to start a new week?



We can see right there the problems with having options, you have to start thinking about it and considering various factors before you can reach a conclusion. And this can be a problem.

Self discipline means doing what needs to get done regardless of how we are feeling. If you can increase your self discipline, you would have increased your productivity by a great factor. The more disciplined you are, the more productive you will be.

Your life will take really big forward steps the day you decide to commit to keep producing your best work regardless of how you feel. Shake off a little laziness.

So, now… Are you feeling happy and productive enough to start a new week?

No Option!

I am happy and productive enough to get the tasks done this week. I am good to go regardless of how I’m feeling this morning. Hot weather or super cool, hungry or not, I will press on! If you keep waiting for everything to be OK before deciding to get to work, you will not be able to do much work.

To become more productive, take away the alternatives!


Watching The World

  • The Higgs Boson particle, what’s best referred to as God particle, was stated to have been located in 2012 by physicists Peter Higgs and Francois Englert. However, some inside the science community have thought the particle might have never been discovered. (And maybe it just does not exist afterall!)
  • Microsoft is about to release 2 new Lumia phones tomorrow. You can read about it here
ByAdemola Morebise

Do not be too rigid

Do not be too rigid that no one can change your mind; neither man nor God.

While you ought to make thoroughly researched plans, the wise ones have found out that the final call on whether to pursue or not depends upon your conviction and not really about how lucrative the business opportunity looks.

I have flunked several business ideas not because they are not viable, but because I become aware that God is not backing me up to execute that particular idea. I’ve even gone a step further by deciding that even if I’m already running the project before I realise I shouldn’t be doing it, I close it up immediately. (This is the real reason I shut down LearnThem, that online learning platform).

Many people are in businesses they have no business in and this merely wastes their time because they will toil for years and make no tangible headway. More pathetic is perhaps the case of people who are exceptionally skilled individuals who stubbornly insists on starting a company even though she lacks the skillset required to start and run a business.

Not everybody can be an Entrepreneur. What everyone really needs is a workplace where the people have created an atmosphere that allows you to do your best work. God has paired up many skilled professionals with other equally skillful partners that can help them in areas they are poor but over time, the skilled professional feels she can go solo and hence against strong signals she shouldn’t get out, she steps out and crashes for it.

Commit to the Spirit of God for final guidance and not to your plans. Let God have the power to change your plans easily.

This is what really determines whether or not you will actually succeed in the long run.

ByAdemola Morebise


I’ve never been a fan of celebrating birthdays since I was 10 years old. A wack photographer and bad event planning and some other issues made me loathe birthdays. Why do people make such a fuss over birthdays? What is the BIG deal?

It was in 2010 that I found a meaning for birthdays. I’m still not head over heels, ready to celebrate birthdays, but at least I’m willing to do something to acknowledge it is a special day and I will just share that with you.

A birthday is actually a BIG deal, unlike other special days of the year, a birthday is truly personalised for you. Think about it: your birthday is the true start of your own NEW YEAR.

The best use case I found for a birthday is as a CHECKPOINT. This is the day my life’s mission started many years ago, today is a great day to sit down and truthfully evaluate how is it going? Afterall, God, not my parents, doctors, or pastors chose this very day to unleash me upon the world.

It is only fair that one sits down on the occasion of her personal new year and perform self diagnosis:

  • What is my life mission?
  • How is it going?
  • What are the goals for the next year?

Questions like this add real value and context to birthday celebrations.

My Checkpoint

My personal mission had always been about changing the world by positively changing the people around me byte by byte.

(A Byte is the smallest piece of data. I chose to attempt changing people slowly because as we all know… Getting people to embrace positive changes is always difficult.)

So, how is it going?

In one sentence: It appears not to be working, but it is actually working. All I need do is patiently wait for it.

In longer sentences:

This time last year, I had mixed feelings because I needed to rearrange a lot of things. I felt I was about to take a plunge into the dark, a plunge into the unknown. I had some projects working, but they did not feel as effective as I would have wanted them to be and I was not at the level I wanted to operate from.

My work was cut out for me, I needed a fresh start. I needed to start all over, but this time more intelligently. All the things I’ve failed at gave me practical knowledge about how to do my thing properly this time. By my nature, starting over never scares me. I seem to have mastered the art of the start.

For much of 2014, I’ve been slowly laying for myself a solid foundation upon which I can do the serious things I want to do.

Today, I have publicly unveiled these ones:

  • A cloud hosting operation: CloudPitcher
  • A daily publication: The Morebise Post, where I share the very same thoughts driving me in business, productivity and creativity.
  • A startup advisory platform at Morebise Ventures
  • …and a hobby level entertainment project: OneCrier PLAY

I have a dozen or more projects under active research and development, all to lead to the goal.

I get bashed every now and then for not focussing, and doing too many things at the same time. I’ve stopped listening to such people. The more I try to dial down, the more I’m fueled up inside to march on forward fearlessly.

Besides, I’m girlfriendless, football club fanless, I don’t hang out with the boys at the club, I don’t have any social vices of any kind. I simply sleep during any free period I have. What more should I do with all that free time if not to think up projects and execute them?

So, last year… I learnt that I must not scale down my thoughts. Too many people need help and assistance, if God has lit me up with His Spirit, it is my responsibility to maximise his gifting upon me. #TMP is one way I’m trying to maximise my gifting and I have an interesting timeline for this project in my spirit. (If you still have not subscribed, do so on here before its too late:The Morebise Post ).

I realise that more than ever before, the world needs leadership, inspiration and impartation so that people can do their best work. If I do not step up to provide these things, who will??

Changing the world is not an easy mission, but then if is was easy, everybody would do it isn’t it? I’m blessed to be have been able to identify early enough what I want to spend my adult life doing and get the necessary parental support to do what I want to do.
I am ready to take the world by storm as my new year begins today. I have so much more up my sleeves… The things I’m yet to do out weighs the little I have done that gets people to hate me or love me.

I am creative,
I create things,
I have great creative powers,
I am 100% Omnific!

…And I have a confidence inside me that I can and I will get my life’s mission done. That is why we celebrate today! That is why we have a checkpoint after all!

I am Ade – kankun – mola – nrewaju, son of Olanrewaju Morebise
Happy Birthday to me!


ByAdemola Morebise

Living regimentedly

One of my central beliefs is that “Business is war”, therefore I argue that only people with military-style training, discipline and focus can really execute business on a large scale.

Every human is born and trained to embrace freedom, that mindset that I am free to do anything I like, whenever I like. In reality, life doesn’t work that way. If you will really hit the mark in your business, NGO or whatever you spend your time pursuing, you need this mindset I’m talking about.

My claims are backed up with research of world scale entrepreneurs I looked into. Many of them can be seen to be solving problems that affect humanity, yet they are not usually described as nice and caring people by those who work closely with them. They are more usually described as been shrewd, ruthless, heartless and with a strong sense of mission.

To many of them, living a regimented lifestyle is a key to their success. Let us be clear, even though they can also choose to live free and work anytime they like, they choose to enforce themselves to comply.

Many of these people I’m describing have strict rules like sleeping 4 hours per day, meal times at specific times, they have a specific 3 hour window in the evening for the family facetime, they have everything so rigidly planned out and thought out. These things do the magic for them.

More of us need to start making rigid schedules, doing specific things at specific times. If you can do the chore at anytime, it usually ends up undone! But what if you tied it rigidly to a time?

Send email by 2pm is much better than send email whenever I can or send email before weekend.

A little bit regimented living is good for you. At least if you really want to make good progress in life.


Out of Office notice

I’m currently out of office till 27 November. Your replies and comments might not be read till then, But I can promise that ALL emails will be read and eventually replied. Thanks!

Watching The World

ByAdemola Morebise

Wait for it

When we set out with a mindset to achieve something, it becomes really really difficult now to get overcome with our quest to get it done. We are so consumed with a zeal to get it done that we might actually ruin the operation by failing to simply wait for it.

Some things just have to take time. We might need to simply lay back and watch the effects of all the strategy we have devised so far to determine if they are working or not. If they are working, we might still need to wait for it to catch on: Human beings are resistant to change, they perfer to hang on to yesterday than hop-over to today.

Every great thing started small, so small that you are tempted to write them off at the very beginning. But over time, as long as the visioner/pioneer is ready to stick with it and hang around until it works.

Tha challenge for many is staying for a while without doing anything. Our blood is pumping fast, with so much energy to spare, how can we sit still and merely wait for it??

It is more profitable in the long run to properly think through challenges before proferring a solution and then been willing to wait for your solution to gain acceptance by the target audience. Many software developers usually find out that the amount of time they spend convincing people to adopt their apps is more than the amount of time they actually spent developing the app.

Wait for it to start working out. Do not abandon ship mid-way and say its not working! Patience might just be all we needed.

ByAdemola Morebise

You need a team

I am convinced that for maximum productivity and peak performance, everyone needs to be part of a team – A group of people working towards a common goal.

A very popular quote goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a team”.

Many Entrepreneurs fail to move from I to WE, as such even though they move fast initially, very fast. In the long run they cannot really make long lasting impact.

You cannot do it alone!

An Entrepreneur or visionary has to be a strong individual, but rather than always seeking short term maximum profit by refusing to build up a serious company with real staff, she really needs to build out a team that can stick together long enough to do good work that will even yield better profit, but in the longer term.

The essence of having a team is that with a proper team in place, you will reduce the effort each person has to put in, yet you get a multiple effect of results.

You cannot build something serious if you do not have a team! I stand to be corrected, but I am yet to find a billion-dollar company with a staff strength of 1. The most visionary Entrepreneurs are always building up extraordinarily teams with vast array of skills that gets the job done. They seek out and convince really good people to join their endeavours and help them work together.

If you run a business and you merely employ people you tell what to do, people who are not vested in any way in your long term success, then you are a loner. Your team strength is 1.

I think the major type of Entrepreneurs who never build out a team are the Contract-preneurs, the Entrepreneur whose business model is merely: the next contract and you find people like this in every industry. Especially the IT industry. I used to have a friend that was always executing various contracts across the country, never really building a team. These days, he’s fizzled away now… There is just no long term future if you are team-less.

Building a team is hard, it gulps a great chunk of time and resources. You will be betrayed by your most loyal people, there will be internal politics and strive. These are reasons why people shy away from building a team. However, whenever we weigh the pros and cons of team building, the pros always outweighs the cons.

ByAdemola Morebise

I have few friends

Having a few relationships that are worth it is way better than heaping up loads of people into our lives. You do not need a lot of friends before you can make real headway in life.

Our friends are a big influence on us, they often have much more influence over us than we would ever want to admit. The more we hang out with them – either in person or online – the more we start becoming like them.

And besides over time, as people change, so does their contributions into our life. Some friends keep evolving positively over time, becoming better and better, while some other friends may take a plunge for the worse. While it is your responsibility to be a positive influence on your friends and try to make them better people, you cannot expect to change everyone.

The principle I adopt, I have tagged (and patented) as NO PERMAFRIEND.

I don’t have permanent friendships and relationships. What I have are permanent principles and that’s why people come and go in my life because I just won’t compromise or break my principles.

All I do is to keep my eyes on the God-given vision and keep confessing His promises to Me… I’m sure that I’ll get there, it is those that will be by my side when I do that I don’t know (or even bother about)


Watching The World

  • More than 3.3 million people who would have died of malaria are alive today:
  • ByAdemola Morebise

    Merry Christmas

    Its perhaps a few weeks earlier than expected. But there we go, Merry Christmas! Seasons Greetings!

    Jokes over, now let us get to business.

    The holiday period is fast approaching and it is a great time to make some cool money. A lot of money will be spent this season and we need to be well positioned to cash in. People actually save up all year just in order to spend it during this season. All the serious companies in the world draft up plans for this season, and we should not be left out.

    What I am trying to do this morning is to open you up to the idea that YOU too can cash in this period, there are loads of businesses you can quickly setup solely for the purpose of this season.

    What can I do?

    Anything, actually. The fun thing about this season is that many people will buy stuff or patronise you just for the fun of it. The only requirement about the kind of business or app to build this season is that it must be FUN or be about FOOD & DRINKS. (So, here I am begging you to flunk those change-the-world ideas for now, build your space ships and quantum computers next year, for now we just want to eat, drink, have fun and thank God for another awesome year!)

    Cash in!

    Cash in!!

    Cash in!!!!

    The obvious ideas to me are:

    • Commerce, buying and selling. You could look for a cheap place to buy really good cloths and sell or higher prices in your neighborhood. Or buy in bulk and sell in bits, its all up to you
    • If you can suit up and talk, why not organise fun trips for teenage groups? A simple trip to the cinema, zoo, museum plus lunch at Mr Biggs/Tantalizers/Wherever will resonate with kids. You can pitch such a service to schools, churches, youth clubs around you
    • Gift hampers, people who are rich enough to give out gifts are usually too busy to sit down and think of what to buy. What if you saved them all that headache by making gift hampers?
    • If you are a good networker, you can put together city guides and shopping guides and gift ideas publication. You will make money from ads for every restaurant or shop whose shoes, bags and cloths you curate inside your publication.

    A big tip for you, target CHILDREN and WOMEN, ignore MEN, once you grab the kid or the woman, you have the man’s purse and that is good enough!

    If we play our game well, we might just save up enough money to fund our real businesses next year.

    So, what will hold you back from making money this season?


    Watching The World



    ByAdemola Morebise

    Not for hire

    You can hire a cook, cleaners, security guards, teachers, drivers, mechanic and anyone else needed to execute any task in the house. But you cannot hire a spouse, a great one anyway.

    This is why I shake my head when I hear guys discussing a prospective wife under the considerations of usefulness in kitchen, home keeping ability, bla bla bla! They seem to be missing the point!

    With a house team of 2 or 3 or if you can carefully find 1 house maid, you could have all your housekeeping woes taken care of and you can get something better to do with your money rather than invest it into a wedding. Men really need to start seeing their wives as more than a cooking machine, washing machine and child bearing machine rolled into 1. Women need to stop seeing their husband as a cash cow and meal ticket for the rest of their lives.

    The purpose of marriage, the original purpose remains to provide “an helper”. Not a helper, as in home chores – paid staff can do that – but a helper as in life goals, life mission and vision. A facilitator of sorts, to helping you arrive at your life’s goal faster and easier than you would have done if you went alone.

    I am aware that even as brilliant and highly motivated I am, the truth remains that I will not enter into the fullness of my destiny and I cannot get to my pinnacle unless I get married (correctly of course). The good book says “one will chase a thousand and 2 will chase ten thousand”, this gives me a hint that a correct marriage will multiply my efficiency by 10x. I will not be surprised to find out that a bad marriage will reduce my efficiency by 10x too, both of us now chasing 100 rather than even the 1,000 you could do at a personal level.

    The forces of darkness have managed to give marriage a bad name, today more and more people around the world have lost faith in marriage. The number of people unhappy in their marriages has gone up, and many people are really wondering if it is worth it.

    Of course, it is definitely worth it! No doubt! Your spouse is your first staff, ready to work for you for FREE without any strings attached because they are as interested in its success as you are. When I speak with older people in this entrepreneurial game, the ones that got it right maritally always tell me interesting stories of how their spouse went out of their way to make it happen for them in business. (And this is why parent-in-laws should be locked out of homes, they can rarely understand the kind of magic the couple is brewing)

    I have read about homes where they need to live off the wife’s income for years, while the husband tries to breakthrough on a new invention or write a best selling book. You cannot hire a woman like that! You can barely get a business partner to do that for you!

    I like to think the kind of woman I will marry will not be the type you marry ONLY because she can cook (in fact, I half-joked that she would simply program a robot to do the cooking, I do not mind). The type of woman I look forward to getting married to is the type that if you assign her to ONLY cook, wash dishes, and pop out babies, you have under utilized her, wasted her brain power and anointing.

    The best spouse in the world do things for you no hired staff can do.

    (It might be worth stating also that people hire prostitutes and so marrying for sex is also not worth it.)

    ByAdemola Morebise

    Things you want to do.. Things you have to do!

    Everybody has 2 sets of things to do: things you want to do and things you have to do.

    Things you want to do, like creating cool solutions, making a positive impact in people’s lives and changing the world in your own little way. Things you have to do; those boring things like going to school, getting a regular job, and saving up money…

    We have all seen people who had things they wanted to do, but once they got started on things they had to do, they got lost inside that hole forever and they never got back on the track of things they really wanted to do. The things they were really passionate about.

    Many others try to brave through, ignoring the things they have to do so as to focus on things they want to do. But most times, they just end up worse off… It appears not to work and hence they go find something else doing.

    Everyone has to confront this challenge sooner or later. Although it might be helpful to have a strategy in mind first, someway, somehow we must find a way to keep the dreams alive, we must work hard to check the list of things we have to do and get it completed on time, perhaps we would then be able to get started on the things we really want to do.


    Watching The World

    • What is the future of Email? We do not know for sure, Google once tried with Google Wave and failed, now they are trying again with Inbox by Gmail. (Someone at Google must have read yesterday’s #TMP: “Its not working“)