Grow, do not jump

Grow, do not jump.

The need to shout these words on every rooftop and ram it into the mind of everybody cannot be over emphasized.

Due to our big ambitions and the hot red blood flowing inside our veins, we want things to happen fast, we want to scale our small business up overnight, these leads to various mistakes like bringing on investors too early, raising too much money or attracting too much debt.

Believe it or not, you can actually grow your business too fast. The moment your business starts growing faster than you have the capacity to handle, you are screwed. You will begin to collapse.

Truth be told, there are things you can do now and there are things you simply cannot do. You cannot do them because you do not have the strength and maturity to properly execute them. If you attempt to execute things you do not have the muscle for, you get strained, hurt and you may not recover well enough to try again.

Do not be in a hurry to hit it big and run. Start your projects as small as possible and work your way up from there, at a point, you will experience a leap, and at that point things grow very fast. That point comes naturally, if you try to force it beforehand, it wont work.

Today, I can write #TMP everyday. We did not start from here, the first article I had the boldness to post online was in 2007. From 2007 – 2013, I published less than 50 articles online, scattered across my Facebook Notes, and several blogs that have gone offline now. Things are very different nowadays, this post you are reading is the 132nd edition of #TMP. Disaster is when someone stumbles upon this project today and decides to clone my methods, probability of failing is much higher. I did not start by writing everyday, I started by writing 5 really crappy articles in a whole year!


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