You are not one of them

Everyone seems to be classifying the world into 2 classes of people. I want to classify the world into 2 groups: those who do things placing God into consideration and those who do not.

Our schools, teachers and ‘professional’ books have all taught us to learn and work without any consideration for God and I do think this is an obvious flaw. The onus is on us then to constantly remind ourselves that we are not in this class of men.

We need to try and consciously place God at the very centre of everything we do. Rev Areogun likes asking his church members this rhetorical question: “Are you a Banker coming to church or are you a Christian that works at the bank?”. I hope you grasp the deeper meaning of this question and recognise the difference between both types of people there.

So, when people cheat in your office, you ought to hold your ground. When business partners you respect start doing shady deals, you remember that you are not one of them. When people deliver low quality work at really high prices, effectively ripping off their clients, you remember that you are not in their bandwagon.

When people start living foolishly; getting high with excess drinking, smoking weed and all that, you have to be reminded that you are not in their league. As a young man, I listen to a lot of conversations between other young man and they mostly center around women, not women as in love and building a future together, but women as in sexual interactions. Many of them are as obsessed with finding their next sexual release as I am with creating powerful technological solutions with my mind.

So while I am channelling most of my energy towards creating relevant things, their energy is wasted because they keep living as fools. They grow old and fail to make a mark with their life because they are simply unproductive.

The world is in dire need of honest and God-inspired people who will operate in various sectors of the economy. They are the people who can really do a good job. But first, they need to be reminded not to blend in, but keep standing out.

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