Looking beyond money

You will make much more money from your business if you are willing to look beyond making money from the venture.
You should always approach your business from the viewpoint of how much value are you currently adding to your customers and constantly seeking how you can increase the value delivered. A business that is only obsessively concerned on how to make more money is certainly a poor business.
If Google was fixated on making more money, they would have simply kept slapping more adverts everywhere possible and their (now patented) clutter-free home page would have also been converted into an advert spot. But because Google is laser focussed on delivering more value, their quest has led them into email, video, maps, language translation and more.

Their strategy is totally different from other companies who simply look at how to keep milking their company’s cash cow until a misfire happens and its game over.

If you too can move into this mindset of providing more value, you will make more money. So, while the temptation to focus on your purse is real, breathe easy because if you can find a way to provide more value to your well defined set of customers, you will make more money. They will pay you for it.

Watching The World

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