A little candour please

ByAdemola Morebise

A little candour please

It all starts with a little more candour. Candour is defined as the quality of been open and honest.

Any serious Entrepreneur needs to adopt candour as a core value. These days, we cannot trust the media, friends and family to give us really honest advice about our work. People get this idea that they do not want to criticise people’s work and potentially dampen the visioner’s spirit, but without brutally honest truthful feedback the work done might be mediocre and hence it will still fail in the long run.

Honest feedback is what leads to better products, better relationships and a much better future. A company culture where employees and team members cannot speak up truthfully to their boss is suicidal. It leads to death.

If you will make serious headway in whatever you are doing, you must always be willing to listen to brutally honest feedback that will hurt you and then (importantly) fire you up to do better work. Resist the temptation to think your ideas are the best.

Be honest with your ineffective staff, if he is under performing, let him know! Do not keep ‘managing’ him and then suddenly fire him out of the blues – that is the real hurtful action. Don’t let your team come together and always exchange hi-fives and pat each other on the back when only 10% of the team is doing the serious work.

In case, you do not find anyone honest enough around you to give you this kind of feedback, I’ve learnt since around 2010; the early days of Gistcaster that if people will not criticise me, I decided I would better criticise myself. I became my own #1 critic.

A little candour goes a really long way.
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