you are NOT a Tree

My teacher had a hard time convincing me that all living things move and therefore the tree been a living thing could also move. He had a tough time trying to convince me that trees can move.

I’m still not convinced a tree can move. You cannot set a tree on fire and it will run away or seek help. A tree is mainly stationary for most of its life. The tree is powerless and helpless over the circumstances around it, it fails to ‘respond’ to stimuli fast enough to ensure its survival.

This mini crash course in elementary science is needed because I seem to observe that just like the tree, many people also refuse to respond to life’s stimuli.

You are not a TREE, you can change whatever situation you find yourself in.

We need to develop a mindset of trying to change circumstances to suit ourselves. What ugly situation is prevailing in your business or private life that is negatively influencing your productivity? You might be thinking it will pass away, just the same way the tree hopes that the (insane) man who set it on fire will come back to douse the flames. We call it wishful thinking!

Wake up, take charge, decide to solve the challenges and build an environment that will support you to do your best work. You are not a tree that has little influence over its environment beyond growing more roots, you are not a tree that has to live at the mercy of men.

You can change your circumstances to suit yourself. The real question therefore is: would you?

(I have a Post you probably should re-read at this point: Would you like to change your reality?)

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