Not for hire

You can hire a cook, cleaners, security guards, teachers, drivers, mechanic and anyone else needed to execute any task in the house. But you cannot hire a spouse, a great one anyway.

This is why I shake my head when I hear guys discussing a prospective wife under the considerations of usefulness in kitchen, home keeping ability, bla bla bla! They seem to be missing the point!

With a house team of 2 or 3 or if you can carefully find 1 house maid, you could have all your housekeeping woes taken care of and you can get something better to do with your money rather than invest it into a wedding. Men really need to start seeing their wives as more than a cooking machine, washing machine and child bearing machine rolled into 1. Women need to stop seeing their husband as a cash cow and meal ticket for the rest of their lives.

The purpose of marriage, the original purpose remains to provide “an helper”. Not a helper, as in home chores – paid staff can do that – but a helper as in life goals, life mission and vision. A facilitator of sorts, to helping you arrive at your life’s goal faster and easier than you would have done if you went alone.

I am aware that even as brilliant and highly motivated I am, the truth remains that I will not enter into the fullness of my destiny and I cannot get to my pinnacle unless I get married (correctly of course). The good book says “one will chase a thousand and 2 will chase ten thousand”, this gives me a hint that a correct marriage will multiply my efficiency by 10x. I will not be surprised to find out that a bad marriage will reduce my efficiency by 10x too, both of us now chasing 100 rather than even the 1,000 you could do at a personal level.

The forces of darkness have managed to give marriage a bad name, today more and more people around the world have lost faith in marriage. The number of people unhappy in their marriages has gone up, and many people are really wondering if it is worth it.

Of course, it is definitely worth it! No doubt! Your spouse is your first staff, ready to work for you for FREE without any strings attached because they are as interested in its success as you are. When I speak with older people in this entrepreneurial game, the ones that got it right maritally always tell me interesting stories of how their spouse went out of their way to make it happen for them in business. (And this is why parent-in-laws should be locked out of homes, they can rarely understand the kind of magic the couple is brewing)

I have read about homes where they need to live off the wife’s income for years, while the husband tries to breakthrough on a new invention or write a best selling book. You cannot hire a woman like that! You can barely get a business partner to do that for you!

I like to think the kind of woman I will marry will not be the type you marry ONLY because she can cook (in fact, I half-joked that she would simply program a robot to do the cooking, I do not mind). The type of woman I look forward to getting married to is the type that if you assign her to ONLY cook, wash dishes, and pop out babies, you have under utilized her, wasted her brain power and anointing.

The best spouse in the world do things for you no hired staff can do.

(It might be worth stating also that people hire prostitutes and so marrying for sex is also not worth it.)

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