Location is irrelevant

I think one of the many things technology has done is to render our physical location more and more irrelevant. As such, you can serve any customer from anywhere. The only limit is your imagination (Ok, your internet connection speed might also be limiting… But that limit will pass away 😀 )

So, you do not have to start your “shop” by first renting out physical space. You may as well create a shopping website or list your goods on a marketplace like Konga or Nairaland (if you target a Nigerian market) or you can go global by listing on of the thousands of marketplaces out there.

All your team members do not have to be in the same room with you before you can hold effective meetings. If the goal is to hold meetings and not to hang out for team bonding purposes, you might as well hold your meetings over Skype, Whatsapp or conference calls. These days, we have advanced technology to a point where we can have distributed teams; a team in which members live on different continents. I think Buffer is really having a lot of success with this model, read about it here.

The key thing is to constantly think about how you can increase your business presence in places you might not have physical presence. The key is to think about how the mobile phone inside your pocket can keep generating business for you even though you are not in town

I expect more business minded folks to sit up at night, thinking: “How can I break into X COUNTRY’s Y industry from the comfort of my home?”

Technology has been given to you, what can you do with it?

(Remember, the only limit is your imagination)


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