Velocity, not speed

ByAdemola Morebise

Velocity, not speed

Speed is a measure of how fast you are moving. Speed is when you appear to be very busy, working hard and getting things done.

Velocity is a measure of how fast you are moving, but in a specified direction. Velocity is when you appear to be very busy, working hard, getting things done so that an overall goal can be achieved.

It is not good enough to be busy. The real question is: “What are you busy about?”

I see so many busy people everyday, who are actually busy doing nothing. All day, they can be seen working hard, downloading the internet, sorting through, learning new technologies, hacking together whatever – yet a closeup with the person in question reveals no long term view or strategy.

They could as well be running around in circles. No real progress made.

It is always worth it to spend as much time needed to figure out what exactly you are doing per time. No matter how hard working you seem to be, we cannot really tell much about what you are doing unless we know where you headed.

It continues to amaze me the amount of people who drift through life without a well thought out plan for themselves, just drifting through. There is another class of people who seem to have it all worked out, yet after 5 years of their labour, they have nothing to show for it. They are merely moving in circles.

It is not enough to work hard and move fast. The overall goal is important, set it up and keep it in view.

Move with velocity, not speed.

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