The wisest man is dead?

I was a little boy when my sunday school teacher taught us about a wise King that lived long ago: King Solomon. She said this man was the wisest man ever and that God said nobody would ever be as wise as this man again.

I shivered on my seat.

How could a wonderful God make such a commitment to anybody? That seemed to be a dumb and stupid thing to do. So, this teacher was really telling us we could not be wiser than King Solomon??

And now that King Solomon is dead, we would no longer get the wisdom we needed? The wisest man ever is dead and the world will no longer get any wisdom?

It was not until 2011 when I finally started reading the bible and interpreting God by myself for myself that I found out my sunday school teacher (and many pastors too, by the way) got it wrong.

With all the wisdom of Solomon, he did not invent the computer, internet or smartphones. Neither did he invent horseless carriages, the ancestor of the modern cars.

Are you now saying the wisdom God gave him is really superior to the modern principles of physics? Open your eyes my dear reader, we should always seek clarity on issues and not just hide everything under the cloak of religion.

Many people attend churches and serve God under the cloak of religion. They see God as an Overlord that cannot be challenged, and they just swallow anything they are told. They fail to dig in by themselves and cross check whether the things they are been taught are correct or not.

Yet, I know the bible says God would not have us ignorant… He wants us to be wise and really understand what is going on.

When I finally dug into the King Solomon issue in 2011, a single verse of the bible did the job:

“The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here.” – Matthew 12: 42 (KJV)

A greater than Solomon is here!

The wisdom of God is progressive.

Let us use our minds for a moment, what is the point in been the richest man in the world when the technology to even do amazing things were not yet invented? I mean… King Solomon had no Touch screen Tablet, Television, Internet, fast cars, loud speakers, elevators, water closet… The poorest of men hustling on the streets of Lagos today probably lives a richer life than King Solomon had.

A greater than Solomon is here!

Men wiser than King Solomon are certainly alive today and men that will be much wiser than those alive now are yet to be born. The wisdom of God is progressive and it gets better and better!

THINK: If all the knowledge of God is inside the bible, then which knowledge do we study in science? Are they disjointed? Is everything in the world not interwoven and a part of each other? Are breakthroughs in technology the handiwork of the devil? If the devil has invented so many things to make our lives easier, would it not be better to go work for him?

If God is ONLY interested in my salvation and safe delivery to heaven, what then am I living for? Why not relocate to North-East Nigeria or Syrian war zones where a stray bullet or bomb will deliver me to heaven faster?

We have to always seek out answers for questions bothering our mind, we must not be confused and disillusioned yet smiling on the outside and say we are just believing.

Faith is not blind.

Faith is built upon principles, principles we need to understand! Therefore, my dear reader, I charge you this morning to always seek answers.

Ask questions, seek proper understanding and set your spirit free!


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