I am doing this for the 100th time.

Today is the 100th time in as many days that I will be publishing The Morebise Post. Waking up a great while before morning, searching within and deciding which of the 10, 000 things on my mind would be useful for my audience, typing it out, reading it twice to ensure it doesnt contain too many grammatical blunders and then check my browser history across my 4 devices to see which news article I had read in the last 24 hours that my audience might find useful.

How has it been so far?

The journey has been stress-free and very smooth! Ensuring that there is a Post been sent out everyday has been very easy, it is too easy. There is always very fast Internet connection, power supply and lots of Post ideas. Why is everybody not doing this?

Of course, it is not that easy. In fact, it is nearly the exact opposite! Sustaining the project for this long has been miraculous to say the least, several times I had thought I would fail to put out The Post and somehow, we will just publish something.


I woke up on July 17, 2014 with a deep burden on my mind. A lot of idea fragments dating back to 2011 had been aggregating in my mind and it dawned on me that morning that for each day I was delaying the inevitable, I was simply been irresponsible.

From #AdemolaThoughtBox to Signal.Me and some other small ideas here and there, I have always loved finding vehicles for my thoughts and sharing what I know with people. The major issue I have is non-consistency, I could go on a roll for 7 days and then switch off for another 4 weeks until finally the project dies and I move on again.

That morning, I knew I had to roll the dice again.

I decided I was going to make it email based newsletter instead of SMS or a conventional blog. My #AdemolaThoughtBox was SMS based and compressing thoughts into 306 characters was not so easy. I had a lot of blogging operations already and they all sucked. I was just not so consistent.

I coined the name The Morebise Post in a few minutes, then I headed over to Tinyletter to revive my user account there, the one I created in 2011 for this very same purpose! I had simply titled it Demola Writes back then, so in a few minutes I renamed it to The Morebise Post and I was good to go.

To make it all real to me, I signed myself up and sent the first post to myself. All along I was yet to agree with myself that we would do it everyday.

That changed a few hours later as Temitayo, a member of my think tank managed to somehow squeeze out a promise from me that #TMP would be published DAILY and not anytime I am in the mood to talk, I knew I had work to do and I had to sit up for the first time in my life. I was not about to break a promise to my subscribers.

Then the journey started!


The best decision I made in 2014 was definitely the decision to start The Morebise Post. But it was not an easy decision to make, I kept thinking about how it was going to suck and how much I was going to fail at delivering my promise of sharing THE POST everyday.

Today is the 100th POST, the momentum is gathering and we are not showing any signs of slowing down.

Over to you, which project(s) are on hold because you do not feel like it yet? Which project(s) are you stalling?

The reason you are actually holding back is because of fear… that overwhelming fear!

The remedy is to just dive in.

Jump out the window of the airplane and build a parachute as you start crashing down to certain death.

I did not even set up a proper website until the 30th edition of #TMP. The people who said the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step were certainly correct. The challenge for most of us is taking that first step.

For taking that first step and committing to the mission, I have changed dramatically as a person and I am becoming really good at this. I am reaping immense benefits from this project, and that is why whether I have 10 subscribers or 1 billion subscribers I will write as best as I can. And even if nobody reads #TMP, I will read it by myself, I usually read every edition at least 3 times. I am the #1 subscriber after all!

Dive in anyhow, Dive in crappy, improve as you go on. It is ok to start from zero, it is ok to start small and grow up from there.

Just dive in!

just dive in!

Just dive in already!


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