You need money

I would not like to keep you ignorant; to run your projects, you will need money.

I believe that the money you need however is not necessarily inside the pocket of investors that are usually skeptic about your own ability to deliver and also skeptic about the business idea.

I am of the opinion that it is best for a first time Entrepreneur to grow her first business without any external funding from investors, this is a great training that helps you become a better person who can think clearly and manage funds better.

The money you need is out there alright, and with the right strategy and some discipline on your own part, you can get the funds you need to finance your projects.

The right strategy

The money you need to run your business is inside the pocket of your potential customers, what you really need to do is to come up with creative ways to get your money from them.

The type of business training I received required that I developed the boldness of an armed robber and ask people to give me their money before I deliver any service. Or you can talk with the clients, get them to place their order for your services and you can deliver the service within 30 days.

Coming up with the right strategy to use is very important, and it starts with asking the right questions. Once you unlock the right questions, you will get correct answers.

Some Discipline

Discipline is quite important as you might have to cut down on your expenses. People who are starting businesses are not richer than you, they are simply more focused and they know what they want. Many Entrepreneurs building businesses tend to have few (but very good) clothes, they do not go on shopping sprees every weekend and they cannot afford to take out a girlfriend. In fact, they are usually girlfriend-less. (I am speaking from my little experience here)

Where does all the money goes? They save it up and use it wisely, investing the money into the business, buying books, resources and attending good seminars.

As for the time they do not invest into high maintenance relationships and other social vices? The disciplined Entrepreneur pours that time into the business and over time, excellence can be seen in the business. The extra hours allows the disciplined Business owner to think, think and re-think about the business’s offering and services over time.

I half-jokingly told my friend on Sunday that since I was girlfriend-less and did not hangout with the boys at the bar or even support a football club. I had freed up enough time to run up to a dozen projects simultaneously 😀

If you can discipline yourself, and deny yourself of a few goodies, you will have freed up some money and time that can move things for you. You will be able to start your project in a little way while a good strategy will then move you to the next level.


Well, as they say… Money is not everything. Therefore, in some future posts I will discuss other kinds of things that can be substituted for startup capital.

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