No Excuses

Excuses are generally bad news and bad market for forward moving people.

No matter how much resources you have or lack, you will still somehow find out that you are unable to get things done and you will always find something or someone to dump the blame upon.

That is why you have to decide deep within yourself that you will not permit anything, whether real or imagined to stop you from getting things done.

We have said it before on #TMP that whether you have $1 or $1 billion in your pocket, develop the mindset that you will get the resources you need to do whatever you need to do.

Some people are always 3-5 years away from starting their personal project, quitting their job or taking any serious leap in their life. Every 10 years, they are still 3-5 years away until the dreams finally die.

You could take the leap today, surely, but you would not. Our brain is so powerful that it can conjure new excuses faster than we can even think.

The truth of the matter is just that excuses are excuses to put the brain to sleep.

If you can decide that you are unstoppable and henceforth, nothing will stop you. You will find out that where others get to and stop because of an excuse, no matter how legitimate the excuse might be, your own resolve to keep going will pay off and you will get further ahead.

If you can decide not to allow your brain to go to sleep because of the excuses facing you, you will be amazed with new ideas and workarounds you will think up. Suddenly, you will start to see possibilities everywhere.

There is no stopping you now!


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