The grasshopper mind

There are giants and then there are grasshoppers.

What makes a man a giant or a grasshopper is simply his state of mind. What can you see inside of yourself?

Thinking BIG is the only way you can actually grow your small one man business into something meaniful. You have to believe from the depth of your heart that you can really execute the big vision in your mind, even though you are starting small.

When I sat down to draft my own vision 2020, I could not help but laugh at myself. The goals I set were simply impossible. You have to banish fear and set real goals!

You need to build up a strong mind and convince yourself that whether you have $1 or $1 billion, you can get the resources you need to do anything you need to do. You have to discard the grasshopper mindset and start seeing yourself as a GIANT that you truly are.

Let me expose a well guarded secret; all these billionaires you see around are not really richer than you! I recently read somewhere that for many years Dangote Group was neck deep in debt and they owed many banks. Yet for all those years you were praying to become as rich as Dangote.

The difference between you and Dangote is that Dangote has the mind of a giant and he can boldly walk to any bank in Nigeria to demand he needs money to build new factories, but you would not.

In case your mind read that wrongly, let me say it again: You CAN approach banks and ask for money or think of really crazy ways to make money that can kick start your vision, but you WONT. Grasshopper mind at work!

Let me demystify everything: Dangote is not richer than you, he merely has more assets than you. That Dangote is called a billionaire today does not necessarily means he has billions in his bank account, it means that if we sell off the Dangote Group, we will get billions of dollars. But once upon a time, his assets were worth nothing. What transformed him into the billionaire he is today is that giant mindset I have been talking about.

Giant thinking is what will propel your small business into a world scale business. How big can you think? How far can you see?

Food for thought, certainly.

(P.S. You might want to read this Post over and over again until you finally understand it. I am sure I will read this Post at least 7 times even though I wrote it.)


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