Asking the right questions

Asking the right questions is much more important than even knowing the answers. No matter how wise you may be, if you are asked the wrong question, then your wisdom does not count.

It will not count at all.

That is why it is super helpful to spend more time in search of the right questions, questioning your questions until you get the right question.

It is asking the right questions that unlocks the right answers and the breakthrough ideas.

One of the greatest skills you can ever develop is the skill of asking questions. In your meetings with customers, mentors, and senior colleagues, it is your ability to ask the right questions that will help you learn anything of value from them.

As an Entrepreneur, you must go out there and talk to people! You have limited time and resources, why would you want to use it to create a business service or product nobody needs? Most times, It is in your conversation with your target customers that you discover what they really need and you can set out to provide it.

The lack of asking questions is one reason why all the foreign aids and NGOs working all around Africa seem not to be working. How can you help people you do not understand? Rather than visit your target communities and spend quality time talking to the people on ground, find their pain points and look for ways of really empowering them, NGOs tend to sit inside air conditioned conference rooms, talk all day and issue contracts to go share “relief” items.

Always ask the right questions, it is much more important than knowing the answers.


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