It is all part of the journey

Omnific Works, my technology company recently turned 2 years old and I thought to myself whether there be any reason to celebrate and whether I even had anything to celebrate. I am not yet a millionaire and I still require my Dad to bail me out financially when things go really rough.

Amidst all these musing, a thought flashed my mind:

“Behind every successful man are years of failure.”

Everybody who turns out to be truly successful must have passed through the valley of the shadow of death at some point or the other. Dig into the biographies of great men, from the ancient era of people like Joseph, Moses, King David, and on to modern times of people like Steve Jobs, Olusegun Obasanjo. Question your mentors that are actually successful, everyone had to go through failure, betrayal, and real pain.

The things that makes us truly successful are the hard lessons learnt during the season of failure. I can even make a sound case on why early success can even kill you.

Furthermore; it dawned on me that most new businesses fail within the first 2 years, as much as 90% of new businesses and initiatives simply fail to survive the first 2 years. Saying Omnific Works is 2 years old is pretty modest, even though I got it registered legitimately in 2012, the seeds that grew into Omnific Works were sown in 2009. So, on paper we are 2 years old yet there is no sign that Omnific Works is going away or can go away. In 2012, a friend wanted to know my back up plan and I then declared to him that I had no back up plan; it is either it works or it works. I was not drawing up alternative plans or even thinking about it.

I am earnestly waiting for the world’s media to describe me as an overnight success when I finally hit the spotlight, the joy for me is that for those who really know me, they realise that my overnight success will have taken nearly a decade to accomplish.

Somehow, the tenacity and never-say-die spirit developed to keep pushing against all odds and common sense is all part of the journey.

My mentor says you should befriend a person who has had many troubles and yet stayed intact; that shows he has “disaster management skills”. As for people who claim to have never had any serious problem? Kindly run away from them because when the first problem strikes, they might just collapse under the strike.

To truly succeed in life, it is not only the glossy, flamboyant things that count. Our failures and bitter experiences are just as important, if not even much more important!

It is all part of the journey.


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