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ByAdemola Morebise

What can we learn from Apple?

What is Apple’s secret sauce? What makes that company tick? How do they manage to hold people spell bound and keep chopping the money?

Android dominates the market share, there are more phones in people’s pockets running Google’s Android OS compared to Apple’s iOS, yet Apple is the one making ALL the profits in that sector.

Google is doing fine, they can go on giving Android OS to phone makers for free, you see Google’s strategy is not really to make money from Android. Their strategy is to be omnipresent.

Android’s infiltration favors Google perfectly; since Google’s strategy is to be always there when you need to find information. The big losers are the handset makers; the Samsungs, LGs, Tecnos and the 1 million other chinko Android device makers.

Amazon’s new phone, the Fire Phone is performing so badly that they announced they would start giving it away for $1.

I believe there are tons of things we could learn from the whole drama but one of the most important lessons is to follow the money! How can we make real money from our efforts??

Businesses need to focus on creating real value and charging for it! Apple’s critics always claim that Apple’s devices are overpriced, but I do not think their customers are complaining. Apple sets a premium price for their hard work and the strategy is working very well for them.

Like Apple, maybe we should start targeting the top 20% of the market with premium priced products and services, rather than targeting the whole lot. Work hard to make something truly awesome and then charge for it.

Another lesson would be to pick your partners carefully. I am not convinced that Google and Samsung for example have the same interests in the mobile space.

Samsung needs to keep making impressive devices and actually make money from them, Google does not. Google has an advertising business that brings in a great chunk of their cash, they do not need to make a penny from Android; why would you partner with such a company? The goals of partners have to be in alignment.

What else can we learn from this “mobile war”?


Watching The World

ByAdemola Morebise

Is there an idea that cannot work?

I believe there is no idea that is terrible and unworkable, no idea that cannot become successful after some decent work has gone into it. I think what happened to most of us is that we give up too early.

We kill the projects before they even started.

Our mileage will vary from idea to idea, some ideas requires more work than the others, but we need to learn how to patiently work on an idea for at least a decent amount of time and give it a real chance to succeed.

I am inspired to talk in this line as I recently did some honest assessment of Omnific Labs, my previous company where what we did was to simply dream up as many ideas as possible and then try them out. Then we killed the projects after a few months of half-hearted work.

It is a long list…. g160, LearnThem, MoneyMakers Wall, GstMe, Kowope, CloudOffice, CloudPitcher, GSquare, and AkurePlaces amidst so many others.

I think I have now learnt (the hard way) that focus and discipline will be needed to convert my best ideas into things that will actually work and time is the secret ingredient needed to get it done.

So.. is there any idea that sucks so much that it will not work? No.

The ideas might need to get refined, we may need to do some workarounds, but if we keep at it, we will definitely get something out of it. I do not think then that it is right to say any project failed, the correct thing to say is that I STOPPED TRYING. Furthermore, the right thing to say might be I GOT SEDUCED BY A SHINY NEW IDEA.

Or… Is there really an idea that will not work?


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Ready to start a new week?

Are you ready to start a new week? Of course, you are. This question is actually irrelevant, whether you are ready or not, the new week is here and you have to deal with it!

Unless your life is now a boring routine of defined tasks, the new week ought to bring you fresh challenges with fresh targets in sight, and some of us are looking at smashing old records and creating new ones altogether. As we head into a new week, we have no idea what it might hold, but we must trust that we have enough knowledge to handle it.

It is the things we did yesterday that equips us for today.

Nobody lives for today, John Maxwell says everyday we are either REPAIRING what we did wrong yesterday or PREPARING for tomorrow. I concur with him; it is just too late to start preparing for today’s opportunities today!

The trick therefore is to REPAIR quick and then start PREPARING…

Tomorrow beckons!


Watching The World


49: Only 49% of registered businesses in Nigeria have a website. (So, who is starting a website design company? We still need such)


Coca-Cola did not sell 9 bottles in their first year. The sold an average of 9 bottles daily. We somehow (conveniently) omitted the keyword DAILY in the September 6, 2014 edition of The Morebise Post.


ByAdemola Morebise

Thinking is not enough

It is enough to just be a fantastic thinker. You should also pray.

We have certainly said a lot of things about thinking here, but do not get carried away by only thinking about things you want to do or by only thinking through problems, you should also set time out to think.

Praying does not waste time, it saves time.

Most computer programmers would rather hack away at a problem in the code for days, rather than stop to say a word of prayer and actually seek God’s help in solving the problem.

The scriptures say the Holy Spirit can teach us ALL THINGS. I have found out that it is the truth, the Holy Spirit really knows all things and he can show us! Yes! But we have to ask first.

The tale that comes to mind is that of the little boy that was trying HARD to lift a bucket of water, he could not and his Father stood by, watching. After a long while, the boy gave up, the his Father chipped in: “Why are you not using ALL of your strength to attempt to lift the bucket?”. The boy was puzzled, his Father then explained: “Son, I am part of your strength, when you could not lift the bucket, you ought to have asked me to help out”.

This is the same thing God is asking us to do. Rather than operate solely based on our 5 senses, we can tap into a 6th sense, one that can truly go forward in time, fully weigh our decisions and give us a way out.




ByAdemola Morebise

You can start from anywhere

It is totally OK to start from zero.

You can actually start from anywhere, all the big companies in the world today mostly started small. I read an article that Coca-Cola sold only 9 bottles in their 1st year of production. Who would have thought that could happen?

There is no stereotyped way for things to happen, no stereotyped way for you to set out in life, what is most important in life then is a great sense of mission that creates a vision within. So that as life throws different bricks at you, you can set the bricks in order, since you know exactly what you are trying to build.

The reason people start small and stay small is not because they lack money or help. They stay small because they do not have a compelling vision that drives their life. When a vision drives your life, no matter how weird or crazy that vision is, you will achieve it.

Once a destination has been determined, you can start moving towards it from anywhere!

Therefore, no longer look at the 100 reasons why you cannot. It is irrelevant, look at the reasons why you can, and believe that you can. It is clichéd but true that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.


Watching The World


510: Nigeria is Africa’s BIGGEST economy with a GDP of $510 Billion (That is why you should be thinking of getting a Nigerian passport, and if you are a Nigerian citizen, do NOT relocate permanently)


ByAdemola Morebise

Helping others watch the world

Yesterday’s Post was all about watching your world. Today is about helping others watch the world, their own world. This is basically what media houses have done for ages and thanks to the open Internet, any body who can use Facebook can actually start a media company without breaking the bank.

The task before you is simple, look for a set of undeserved people and create a publication to serve them the information they need. If you look closely around you, you will find tons of them.

I am not really asking you to start the next CNN, a worldwide news operation, I mean something much smaller that directly addresses a group of people. Let me share some ideas.

You can start a publication about Students in Business, and keep interviewing students that are also running businesses, share articles with them about how to start and run such businesses. This will definitely attract other students also running businesses, and you can make money from the operation by selling adverts or organizing a conference, networking events for them to meet up.

I have a friend in Lagos who wanted to start an operation to help school teachers get the latest teaching methods used in advanced countries for better results. (He is not really interested in doing this again, so feel free to steal the idea)

And how about a Books review website? Helping people to decide what book to read next definitely has a lot of merits.

You can do this with any industry/sector. I came across FoodTruckr the other day, a website created to serve people who operate Food Trucks with updates in the field. Can you create one for local “Bukkas” in Nigeria?

Can you help some people watch their world?


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Watching your world

One of the most interesting things people love about The Morebise Post is our Watching the world feature where we share links to news stories and indeed any thing that catches our attention.

Everyone needs to watch their own world, keep tabs on the things that are most important to you.

For example, I am an Inventor and Business Consultant rolled into one. I have to keep tabs (literally) on business trends, modern practices, cutting edge technologies and so on. To my politically oriented younger brother, this sort of things are irrelevant.

The other day, after the National TV station featured 3 political news items in a row, I actually switched channels to watch something else instead.

Mainstream news is news hand-picked to suit the vast majority over a broad demography, it rarely specifically caters to the true informational needs of any one. That is why you need to look into curating your own news by yourself.

Watch your World.

Are you a Farmer? You are probably better off reading farming magazines than reading mainstream news (or perhaps adding the farming magazine to your list of must read). I have seen far too many people who claim expertise in a sector, yet they are clearly clueless about latest trends and updates in that field because they fail to watch their world.

Watch your World! The Internet and Google search has made it really easy to do. Do some searches for news in your field, look for experts in your field and follow their work.


Watching The World


50: This is the 50th edition of The Morebise Post.


ByAdemola Morebise

The overwhelming fear

The overwhelming fear of being wrong, of screwing things up…

I didnt want to create because nobody might like it.

She didn’t vote because she was afraid her candidate would lose.

He doesn’t want to buy insurance for his business because the policies are just too complicated and he might buy the wrong one.

The family doesn’t travel by plane any more because of statistics that 1 in every 5 planes crash.

He doesn’t want to buy the book because he might not like it.

The President of my club calls a meeting and then another meeting because it’s easier than committing and just saying NO.

She doesnt want to publish her book because no one might buy it.

He doesnt want to plan because there might be NO money to even execute the plan.

I didnt want to make this Post because of the fear that NO ONE will like it or even drop a comment 🙂

Almost everyone underestimates how widespread this fear is. It is the lone barrier everyone has to overcome in order to succeed.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Talk does not cook rice

“Talk does not cook rice” – Chinese proverb

Talk will not measure the rice. It will not light the fire. Or serve it to the hungry once it’s done cooking. Nope.

Talk does not get the rice cooked and it will never cook rice. (Unless of course a Chinese Company named TALK creates a RICE COOKER… But I digress 🙂 )

Talking and Thinking about your ideas and your to-do list will not get the job done, there is a need to sit down and do the work.

The creative mind must learn how to shut off Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the Internet, focus properly and create art. Create something really remarkable.

That is why you really should stop day dreaming about your awesome website that attracts 1, 000, 000 visitors everyday when you are yet to SIT DOWN and even learn web designing 101. Stop day dreaming about your 1st class certificate and pick up your books for a thorough study.

Even if you do not day dream about success, if you shut up, get off unproductive tasks and work hard, you will get the results others are talking and dreaming about.

Ok, so what exactly are unproductive tasks?

I am not the hypocrite who says Facebook is bad, get off it! I personally spend time on Facebook to stalk people I care about, but what you really want to avoid is excessive, pointless, non-productive use.

It is not productive to post a status update every 10mins, even Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of Facebook doesnt post that often, why do you??

The time invested into Social Media abuse, Daily snapping of “Selfies”, Whatsapp/BBM chats that are pointless are better invested into cooking the rice.

Go get the job done!


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

This one thing I want to do

Happy new month and welcome to September!

I had an awesome August and I look forward earnestly to what September will bring! However, the more I think about this new month, the more I realise that if we want to really experience success in this month, we have to set a goal of what exactly we want to achieve this month.

What is that ONE thing you need to get done this month?

If you do not set out with something in mind, at the end of the month, we cannot really conclude whether you had a successful September or not.

Any progress made in life cannot really be evaluated unless we know the initial goals that we can use to give an honest analysis of the situation.

What is the ONE thing you need to do this month that will unlock the next level of your life?

For some, this might be to finally set up a website for your business, for someone else it might be to finally start your tech blog, someone else might be to finally talk to 20 potential customers to see if they actually needed your product and how much they would be willing to pay for it when ready.

When you sit down to decide what to do this month, ensure it is specific! Do not join the gang of people who are looking forward to a successful September but have NOTHING SPECIFIC in mind…

This ONE thing I want to get to done.

Now, Go!


Watching The World