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ByAdemola Morebise

Going all out

You might have had that feeling before, you wake up in the middle of the night with a bright idea, you work hard at it trying to bring it to reality in the shortest amount of time possible. You make the assumptions many people make: When I build it, the customers will come.

You already imagine 10,000 people signing up on your website in the first 24 hours (is that not that what we read in various success stories?) or all the cars packed outside your new fast food restaurant. All these things rarely turns out that way.

It is certainly not impossible to get 10,000 new customers on your launching day, but becoming the kind of person who can make such a thing happen is not an easy task. If you wanted that to happen, then it will require one of the following scenarios:

  • You have an existing successful business, so the new one rides on the old one
  • You have a huge following, so that once you announce the new thing, people are ready and willing to check it out
  • You get a celebrity endorsement. Imagine what happens when a famous person personally endorses your work

Ok, wake up now… For the other 95% who probably do not have any of the 3 scenarios highlighted above, keep this at the back of your mind; if you build it, they will not come.

Nobody starts a business and start wishing in (or even praying in) the customers, you have to go out there and get them!

Remember, you will always miss 100% of the shots you do not take.

Taking a shot could make all the difference between winning or losing. That is why you must take that next step; make that phone call, send that email, text old business contacts, go out there and start raking in the customers.


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ByAdemola Morebise

You need to make a product

I need to make a product and so do you.

So does everybody! I want to loosely define a product in this context as something I create ONCE and KEEP SELLING FOREVER.

Making a product is one passive way you can make a lot of money if you play the game smartly. And making a product is now easier than it sounds.

I am sure you can see my emphasis is on making it ONCE and selling forever, this rules out manufactured products like bicycles, laptops and the likes. I think the space I want you to consider is the digital space.

You should make an information product. With a digital information product like an ebook, audio or video resources, you make it once and keep selling forever!

What can I produce?

  • Teach us how to do something
  • Look for someone who can teach how to do something, package it and split profit.

Everyone knows something that other people do not know. What do you know that others do not know and they can pay you for teaching them?

Once you decide on what to do, write an ebook about it or make a video. You are on your way to add value to people’s life and make some decent money from such a passive source.


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ByAdemola Morebise

Consuming our product

Depending on the time you read this post, the probability that someone somewhere is using a bag of Dangote Cement is high! We are all consuming his product…

Do you now see why that guy is not going to be poor soon??

You are right now also consuming my product. Everyday I serve you TMP, and you keep consuming it. TMP is my product, I may be offering it for free. But it is a product.

My Dad is a civil engineer (Founder at SiteSkill Engrg Ltd), anytime you live in a house he built or use a road he helped to construct, you are consuming his product.

My life coach is an evangelist (Founder at CTOFM) anytime you listen to his messages live or when the IT crew livestreams his meetings across the world. You are consuming his product.

The BIG question: where are your own products? Who is consuming them? Are your products actually making you money?

Food for thought, certainly!


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ByAdemola Morebise

Take away the pain

“Pain reliever”

Two words with far fetching implications. Most successful (and profitable) businesses I know are actually pain relievers.

Wait a minute, do I really mean that GlaxoSmithKline makers of Panadol and Mercedes Benz are all doing the same thing? Yes. Precisely.

Your car takes the pain out of moving from one place to another and as an okada rider pointed out to me the other day: I cannot stand on top of my money and ask it to carry me to anywhere; I have to exchange the physical notes for his services. I have to pay him to take out the pain of moving me and my goods from one place to another.

The challenge is for everyone of us to find a pain point and take it away.

Schools teach your children to save you the time to teach (assuming you could) and they prevent all the menace illiteracy causes.

Businesses that are not really solving problems are the ones that fail to clearly show their users EXACTLY what value they are adding.

This is the thinking behind my new project CLOUDPITCHER, starting out today as a simple place to get your WordPress powered website up and running without any headache.

The idea is to take the pain out of running a website, unlike other web hosting companies out there that sell you hosting space and leave you to yourself, we are actually going further to completely run the website and help out anyway we can; all our customers will have to do is to keep churning out content.

We picked WordPress for the same reason, WordPress is one of the easiest ways to setup a website that you can easily update anytime without any input from a technical partner. I usually tell clients that if they can use Facebook, then they can run their very own website using WordPress also.

You see, every second, somewhere in the world four babies and two WordPress powered websites are born.

Why am I picking up this problem for solving?

Simple, I followed the numbers. Previously on #TMP, I shared that only 49% of registered businesses in Nigeria have a registered website. (I also know that many of these websites are not effective)

This means that there are still possibly millions of businesses out there that do not have any online presence of any kind. They will still come online – they have to! It is left for me to allow foreign companies come in to sign them up or I can do the signing up myself.

They have to come online and so, I am creating CloudPitcher so that I can build the digital infrastructure that will help them get online, stay online and reap the immense benefits that comes with the internet. I want to take the pain away from running a website.

I am off to cook my CloudPitcher rice now, if it sounds like something you might be interested in just hit the reply button, let us talk.

….and I hope you go find a pain point to take away too.


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ByAdemola Morebise

The Boldness of an Armed Robber!

An Entrepreneur must develop the boldness of an armed robber!

An armed robber has the audacity to storm into a house – usually uninvited and demand for money. Similarly, an Entrepreneur must develop an audacity to demand money for her innovations, goods, services, consultancy, anything!

I have actually met people who are afraid to put a price on what they have to offer. This robs them of valuable income.

Digital Entrepreneurs fall into this trap often. They want to do what Google does – give valuable services away for free and make money by selling your users to advertisers. For all its sophistication, Google is just an advertising company!

And unless your name is Google, I don’t think we need to replicate that. What we really need to do is to CHARGE for services rendered.

Develop the boldness to pitch your solutions to strangers, passers by, anybody that comes your way. Ask for their money!

Money is what drives business, without sales you do not have a business, it is a busyness.


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ByAdemola Morebise

The next step

We have established on #TMP that indeed, Talk does not cook rice. (Unless of course, a Chinese company ironically named Talk makes a rice cooker.. but I hate to digress 🙂 )

What we need to do therefore is quite simple, we have to ensure we keep consistently taking actions.

Multiple steps taken in direction of THE GOAL, is what leads to success.

Random steps taken with far too much spaces in between each does not lead us there, with time, it all grows cold and the goal goes to die.

Everyone seems to have an idea on their mind that they have done exactly nothing about, others took a few steps and then backed down because they hit a few hurdles or they burned out mentally.

You need to get a sheet of paper, write out all the projects you are trying to move to the next level and think about what exactly you need to do in order to move it to the next level.


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ByAdemola Morebise

Things we teach, things we do

“In my first book I told you, Theophilus, about everything Jesus began to do and teach” – Acts 1:1 (NLT version)

“The apostles returned to Jesus from their ministry tour and told him all they had done and taught.” – Mark 6:30 (NLT version)

The bible standard is that we should teach people the truth and also talk about things we are doing. we have to lead by example and show the way. People following you should not have to blindly try to do as you say but not as you do.

Anybody can thoroughly study motivational or business books and then rehash them for an audience. But going beyond head knowledge into real knowledge requires a degree of practicality.

It is easy to say ‘integrity’ is our watchword, but hard to do. When you share a real, true story of how YOU actually maintained your integrity and burned for it, we can see clearly that you are not just blowing hot air at us, we see that you are for real and we will respect you more.

It is not enough to be a Teacher, teaching people the things to do is actually not as important as showing them what you are actually doing. Perhaps that is why Apostle James cautioned us that we all should not rush into the office of a teacher, a teacher’s actions carry much more weight.

“Dear brothers and sisters, not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.” – James 3:1(NLT version)

There are a lot of things I cannot do again, not because they are sinful activities, but because they can be easily mis-read by my audience and I may just lead someone else astray.

Things we teach, things we do!

Going forward, it is not enough to talk about great principles on #TMP, I will also go behind the scenes and share more stories.


ByAdemola Morebise

You are on your own

At the early stage of your journey, depending on how unconventional your journey actually is; you will be on your own. No body will understand what exactly you are trying to do and hence you will be criticised just because people do not trust what they do not understand.

That is why you will not be able to look up to your parents, siblings and even your friends for any form of encouragement or guidance.

If you get any form of encouragement from them, accept it… but I am really saying, do not count on it.

I started my own journey of sorts in 2007, but I think my Father did not really “get” it until around 2011. Its now 2014 and I enjoy some support from him, but right now I am not sure if my Mum actually understands what her son is up to. All they know is that they have a brilliant son that they know should do well in life if he can actually make the wise, safe decisions everybody can understand.

I know a lot of people who have been convinced off this road by “authority” figures in their lives, finally settling down to behave normally.

If you really want to make a headway and unleash your creative force into the world, then be prepared to forge ahead without much support (at least at the early years), be prepared to always motivate yourself.


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ByAdemola Morebise

Learning a little more

Learning should never stop, learning should never stop until one gets to her grave. Everyone needs to set a goal of getting a little better day by day.

The skills you have today cannot continue to remain relevant as the world advances.

The modern illiterates are not the one that cannot read and write, the modern illiterates are the ones that fail to keep learning and unlearning what they previously held on tightly to.

Resist the urge to be a local champion, take the leap! Are you watching your world? Keeping tabs of the very latest development going on? If you keep learning and getting better, you cannot become irrelevant.

There is a long trail of “experts” who suddenly become irrelevant in their domains because they clung on tightly to their expertise without improving themselves in any way.

Are you currently an Architect? 10 years from now, how will Architecture be done? Will you still remain relevant?

Everybody has to keep learning, everyone needs to learn a little more everyday!

So, Are you getting better?


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ByAdemola Morebise

The unpaid Analyst

“It is a stalemate at half time, here at Cape Town, South Africa. What are your analysis of the match, what does Nigeria need to work on going into the second half of the game?”

The sad thing about all the analysis and opinion that people religiously post all over Twitter, Facebook and Nairaland is that none of it counts. The target of the advice, the man who can really do something about it – is not listening. Even if he wanted to, he would be inundated by the amount of advice tossed about that he where even better off not tuning in.

So, why do people not mind their own business?

Stephen Keshi, Nigeria’s Head Coach is PAID to analyse and talk and take action on the match, the football “experts” on the TV are also PAID to analyse and talk, even though it does not count, you can see a motivation. I wonder what motivates the average Jide, Nene and Ali to pour in their own analysis; they are NOT paid and it does NOT count.

If we are not analysing Super Eagles’ most recent terrible performance, then we are analysing Corrupt politicians, Churches and Pastors who own Jets, and a gazillion other things. Things that do not really affect us.

Mind your own business, if you must analyse; analyse things you have the power to TAKE ACTION on. People seldom pause to think about and analyse their own life, they fail to set goals for themselves and remain focused to get it done.

They fail to review their life daily or weekly and be sure all is going on smooth. They rather offer their expertise to people who never asked for it.

This is a mistake I hope you, my dear reader is not making. Be your own analyst and take action!


Watching The World

  • I stumbled upon SOP Notify and, they are fresh Nigerian startups that notify you whether there is currently electric power supply in a location or not. (I once had an idea in this space too, codenamed UpNepa. But that is another Post for another day)
  • Oke Aduragbemi, a friend of mine just hacked together a “contraption” that can monitor water levels, you should take a look here. (Yes, I know the dude needs a website like we all need Jesus)
  • And in case you did not watch the match that inspired this Post, has a handy match report.


6.54%: Nigeria recorded a 6.54% GDP growth in Q2. (I wonder why this seldom makes the headlines ahead of Boko Haram activities)