Just express yourself

ByAdemola Morebise

Just express yourself

One of the key to creativity is expressing yourself, confidently. You have to keep expressing yourself regardless of what others say.

I believe that everybody was born creative, but as we grow older we get scolded and educated and bullied out of our creativity. Truly, the creative adult is the child that survived.

Albert Einstein is regarded by some as the smartest man ever to walk upon this planet, Albert came up with a lot of theories and ideas that have been used to really advance mankind. Albert was also known for his child-like inquisitiveness, he asked stupid questions like if I run at the speed at light, what would I see?

By expressing himself and keeping on finding expressions for his mind, he could go on to re-arrange things as he felt.

You also can greatly improve upon your creative levels by expressing yourself. Where is that curiosity and imagination you used to have as a kid? Why did you stop writing stories, poems and articles? They may be horrible then, but over time you become better and better.

Just express yourself!

Buy a notebook or start a free blog, start writing, drawing, doodling, jotting any thing that pops into your head. By continuously expressing yourself, you embrace your inner voice and it will shine into the real world


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