Vision 2020

Do you have a vision 2020?

I know the whole vision 2020 thing has gone berserk! But I am actually seriously asking if you have a real long term vision for your life that you are working towards.

  • What is your 5 year plan?
  • What is your 10 year plan?
  • What is your 20 year plan?

It is really mind bugging to discover that so many people just drift through life without any concrete plans of any sort, they simply expect and trust that “everything will be ok”. You need to have a vision.

Where will you be in 2020? What will you be doing? Can you start actually making moves towards it?

I believe it is important to have such a vision in place, if you are a drummer boy today; what will you be doing when you are 60? Drummer man?? I hope that is an effective analogy for what I want to explain next: If you are a website designer as a 18 year old whiz-kid, what will you be doing at 60? Will there still be a need for website designers??

This is the challenge many teenagers have when they drop out of secondary school to focus on things like sewing or hair dressing. Hair dressing can get you some money for now, but without proper education, you are doomed in the long run.

This is also the challenge the smart undergraduate also faces, just because you can design websites and make a few apps does not mean you are set for life. You might need to read the #TMP editions about Barriers to Entry and The extra mile in order to understand better what exactly I am talking about. In the long run, are you set? Are you educated enough to weather the storm of life?? Are you really going to set out in life and jeopardize the life of people who have to trust you (parents, spouse and kids) by depending on luck?

As technology becomes better and better, more jobs will be lost, but so many new jobs will also be created. The “scary” futures predicts that machines will drive us around, cook our food, barb our hair, secure our houses, schedule our appointments and clean our streets and house. They will not stop at that, in a few years I expect machines to do professional jobs like designing houses, building houses, handling company accounts and auto performing experiments in the laboratory. There are already numerous debates online about the how humans will lose jobs in mass and job security is now becoming a myth, yet I remain extremely confident that no machine invented by a man can kick me out of a job, because I remain 1,000 steps ahead of any machine.

Having a firm vision for your life allows you to transition from era to era, staying relevant and moving on to the next chapter of your life. For some people, the first stage of their life might be to get rich, quickly and then use the rest of their life to change the world. This is exactly what Bill Gates is doing, rather than sitting down at Microsoft to keep inventing software and making more money, he is content to devout his brilliant mind and voice towards changing the world in another way. (I do have a beef with him for not staying on at Microsoft, but that will have its own Post 😉 )

Here is a game Sam Adeyemi taught me to play, he asks you to close your eyes and go 5 years into your future… What would it look like? Avoid vague ideas like “I will be a successful business man”, that is actually crap. You want to be specific!

Something specific might be along the lines of:

  • I have a successful company that does X, Y and Z
  • I am married with 2 children
  • I live in my own twin duplex built at ABC town, Nigeria (or any country that trickles your fancy)
  • 3 cars in the garage

With something so specific in mind, you can easily create an action plan and you are now fueled up to go chase your dreams. There is a mental picture in mind.

What is your vision 2020?


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