Free Advice

“Do it tomorrow”

That is terrible advice, definitely. But then, I shared it for free, at absolutely no cost to you. Yet, I cannot shake off this feeling that even if I sent you some correct advice as I have been doing for some time on #TMP, I some how suspect you may still not act upon it.

People mainly tend to act more on ideas they did not get for free, ideas that cost them something to get. The question then is that do people act on ideas merely because they paid for it?

And are the free advice shared any less valuable?

Certainly not, but people sometimes need a motive to be fired up to act upon things. And money has always been a great way to keep people motivated.

If in doubt, think about all the free online courses and classrooms that have sprung up on the internet, have they really led to more brilliant minds on the streets? I read that more than 90% of people who sign up for such online courses often do not finish it.

Think about all the daily broadcasts and posts on BBM, Whatsapp and Facebook that flies into our day, most people now hardly pause to even check it out.

I believe everybody in the knowledge sharing economy needs to come up with a fine balance between giving away information for free and locking down information behind paid walls. None of these extremes are useful in getting the work done.


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