Play to their fantasies

One mistake we all have made is that when we dream up projects, and businesses. We are so fixated on what we want to do that we don’t think properly about the goals of the target audience.

We have to play to their fantasies. Its not about boring them with facts and features. Talk about benefits, talk about how your service will help them achieve their dreams because that is what you really should be doing: making dreams come true.

Always play to their fantasies; do not bore your audience with your tech know-how, simply explain to them how exactly your offers will assist them in achieving their dreams.

For example:

  • You are designing a website for your client, you are helping them make more money. (Tell any business man you want to help them make more money by creating an online presence for them and let them say no)
  • You are not teaching kids, you are really equipping kids to become key players of the future, leaders of tomorrow
  • You are not selling food, you are helping people live longer by eating high quality food
  • Google is not a search engine, they are helping you find information you need as quickly as possible
  • Facebook is not a social network, they are helping you stay connected to people you care about (and who does not care about caring about people?)

You should now reflect, how can I present my offers as helping people fulfill their dreams?


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