Take away the pain

“Pain reliever”

Two words with far fetching implications. Most successful (and profitable) businesses I know are actually pain relievers.

Wait a minute, do I really mean that GlaxoSmithKline makers of Panadol and Mercedes Benz are all doing the same thing? Yes. Precisely.

Your car takes the pain out of moving from one place to another and as an okada rider pointed out to me the other day: I cannot stand on top of my money and ask it to carry me to anywhere; I have to exchange the physical notes for his services. I have to pay him to take out the pain of moving me and my goods from one place to another.

The challenge is for everyone of us to find a pain point and take it away.

Schools teach your children to save you the time to teach (assuming you could) and they prevent all the menace illiteracy causes.

Businesses that are not really solving problems are the ones that fail to clearly show their users EXACTLY what value they are adding.

This is the thinking behind my new project CLOUDPITCHER, starting out today as a simple place to get your WordPress powered website up and running without any headache.

The idea is to take the pain out of running a website, unlike other web hosting companies out there that sell you hosting space and leave you to yourself, we are actually going further to completely run the website and help out anyway we can; all our customers will have to do is to keep churning out content.

We picked WordPress for the same reason, WordPress is one of the easiest ways to setup a website that you can easily update anytime without any input from a technical partner. I usually tell clients that if they can use Facebook, then they can run their very own website using WordPress also.

You see, every second, somewhere in the world four babies and two WordPress powered websites are born.

Why am I picking up this problem for solving?

Simple, I followed the numbers. Previously on #TMP, I shared that only 49% of registered businesses in Nigeria have a registered website. (I also know that many of these websites are not effective)

This means that there are still possibly millions of businesses out there that do not have any online presence of any kind. They will still come online – they have to! It is left for me to allow foreign companies come in to sign them up or I can do the signing up myself.

They have to come online and so, I am creating CloudPitcher so that I can build the digital infrastructure that will help them get online, stay online and reap the immense benefits that comes with the internet. I want to take the pain away from running a website.

I am off to cook my CloudPitcher rice now, if it sounds like something you might be interested in just hit the reply button, let us talk.

….and I hope you go find a pain point to take away too.


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