The Boldness of an Armed Robber!

An Entrepreneur must develop the boldness of an armed robber!

An armed robber has the audacity to storm into a house – usually uninvited and demand for money. Similarly, an Entrepreneur must develop an audacity to demand money for her innovations, goods, services, consultancy, anything!

I have actually met people who are afraid to put a price on what they have to offer. This robs them of valuable income.

Digital Entrepreneurs fall into this trap often. They want to do what Google does – give valuable services away for free and make money by selling your users to advertisers. For all its sophistication, Google is just an advertising company!

And unless your name is Google, I don’t think we need to replicate that. What we really need to do is to CHARGE for services rendered.

Develop the boldness to pitch your solutions to strangers, passers by, anybody that comes your way. Ask for their money!

Money is what drives business, without sales you do not have a business, it is a busyness.


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