The unpaid Analyst

“It is a stalemate at half time, here at Cape Town, South Africa. What are your analysis of the match, what does Nigeria need to work on going into the second half of the game?”

The sad thing about all the analysis and opinion that people religiously post all over Twitter, Facebook and Nairaland is that none of it counts. The target of the advice, the man who can really do something about it – is not listening. Even if he wanted to, he would be inundated by the amount of advice tossed about that he where even better off not tuning in.

So, why do people not mind their own business?

Stephen Keshi, Nigeria’s Head Coach is PAID to analyse and talk and take action on the match, the football “experts” on the TV are also PAID to analyse and talk, even though it does not count, you can see a motivation. I wonder what motivates the average Jide, Nene and Ali to pour in their own analysis; they are NOT paid and it does NOT count.

If we are not analysing Super Eagles’ most recent terrible performance, then we are analysing Corrupt politicians, Churches and Pastors who own Jets, and a gazillion other things. Things that do not really affect us.

Mind your own business, if you must analyse; analyse things you have the power to TAKE ACTION on. People seldom pause to think about and analyse their own life, they fail to set goals for themselves and remain focused to get it done.

They fail to review their life daily or weekly and be sure all is going on smooth. They rather offer their expertise to people who never asked for it.

This is a mistake I hope you, my dear reader is not making. Be your own analyst and take action!


Watching The World

  • I stumbled upon SOP Notify and, they are fresh Nigerian startups that notify you whether there is currently electric power supply in a location or not. (I once had an idea in this space too, codenamed UpNepa. But that is another Post for another day)
  • Oke Aduragbemi, a friend of mine just hacked together a “contraption” that can monitor water levels, you should take a look here. (Yes, I know the dude needs a website like we all need Jesus)
  • And in case you did not watch the match that inspired this Post, has a handy match report.


6.54%: Nigeria recorded a 6.54% GDP growth in Q2. (I wonder why this seldom makes the headlines ahead of Boko Haram activities)


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