The overwhelming fear

The overwhelming fear of being wrong, of screwing things up…

I didnt want to create because nobody might like it.

She didn’t vote because she was afraid her candidate would lose.

He doesn’t want to buy insurance for his business because the policies are just too complicated and he might buy the wrong one.

The family doesn’t travel by plane any more because of statistics that 1 in every 5 planes crash.

He doesn’t want to buy the book because he might not like it.

The President of my club calls a meeting and then another meeting because it’s easier than committing and just saying NO.

She doesnt want to publish her book because no one might buy it.

He doesnt want to plan because there might be NO money to even execute the plan.

I didnt want to make this Post because of the fear that NO ONE will like it or even drop a comment 🙂

Almost everyone underestimates how widespread this fear is. It is the lone barrier everyone has to overcome in order to succeed.


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