Building in vain

I have watched and seen do many people toil and toil, working their heads and hearts out, trying to build something awesome, only to fail.

And when they finally fail, we cannot trace the failure to foolishness or lack of know-how, we end up concluding that she was not “lucky”

And it is interesting to note that if you read through a lot of biography of people we regard to be successful, a lot of them attribute their success to sheer luck. Not their brilliant idea or the brilliant execution, but luck.

People attribute their success to luck, luck is supposed to be events that we cannot really explain or logically analyze. Many people at the heart of the matter do not really like discussing these things, so they say “luck” and hence, we cannot probe further.

But, we should know better. There is no such thing as luck! DO not be deceived!! These people know how they run their things, and you too should.

What comes to mind then is

“Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. Unless the LORD protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good.”

(Psalms 127: 1 (New Living Translation)

I want to infer also that unless the LORD builds a business, the work of the Entrepreneur is wasted and she cannot really make a headway. If you recall, when Jesus Christ was taking his leave, one of the things he left behind was power to build an “institution” upon the bedrock of Christ, an institution that the powers of hell would not be able to conquer. (Matthew 16:18)

Which means that whenever a Christian steps out to start a church/business/school/whatever, he should be expecting the powers of hell to come knocking. What will now determine if you will fail or succeed is if the LORD is building with you.

Nobody makes a headway in life by only been brilliant and forward thinking, you need to have a power somewhere working for you.

Do not join the league of people who are building in vain. That is folly!

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