What is working now? What will work next?

I think it is the top job of any serious person in business, technology or any sector of the economy is to find what currently works, what will work next and do it.

And keep repeating this loop until arrival at promise land.

Steve Jobs said up to 90% of business is run on decisions and assumptions made 100 years ago, nobody is challenging the way things are done, because well, they seem to work for now.

Finding what works right now is the starting point because you want to set out in a way your target audience will recognise you, but you MUST move on to find out what next will work and deliver it.

You have to innovate or die.

It is no longer NTA or AIT, we have a lot more options. If you find a gap somewhere and close in to form a monopoly, do not expect to keep such a place forever, unless you are able to find what will keep working. The next thing.

So, by all means start your shop the way others have been doing it for 150 years, with finding a physical store and loading it up with goods. But you have to move on; add customer loyalty programs, install effective KYC programs, a website, home delivery etc. You make your store so good at fulfilling your customer’s needs that they never have to go elsewhere.

Then, stop bothering your head with “what” you are building, let the critics keep asking “is that an online store or what?”, “are you building an ecommerce business”. Don’t bother yourself, what you are really doing is what businesses and projects where meant to do: finding a set of people who have needs and fulfilling their needs. That’s all. Do not limit yourself to the box of what people think a Shop/Church/Ministry/Architects should do.

Destroy the Box

Find what works and what will keep working. That is how you stay relevant to people you set out to serve!

Watching The World

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