Open for business

Most times, like a bolt of lightening you get an idea.

Hours or days or years later, you are ready to roll. You are open for business.

Getting your project in place is quite energy sapping, there are always a lot of hurdles to clear. You have to ensure that every bit of the idea is well thought out and you really stand a chance to make it work.

You want to think through the idea before you start, yet you do not want to fall into what we call analysis paralysis, a situation whereby due to over analysis, you are paralyzed from taking any action on the project itself and so, the idea dies a natural death.

You do not want to get bugged down by numerous meetings with the various stakeholders in the project. You sometimes wish you can just find the hidden fast forward button of life and skip forward to when the project finally begins. (Rumour has it that the button indeed exists, God uses it to browse through time)

As scary as all this seems, none is as serious as the time after all is set and you are searching for the first customer. You are now open for business, but unless your target audience are aware that you now exist, it does not count.

We have to ensure that the process of creating the product does not take every energy we have that we have nothing left for marketing after the product is finally ready.

You cannot afford to burn out at the very last step, because it not really the last step. It is the first step of the next level. The next day of your life has just started.


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