I do not have 10 years

It still takes a lot of work and about 10 years to become truly successful.

This is the harsh truth people know, but refuse to talk about. Honestly, who wants to think they are 10 years away from their breakthrough?

Definitely not me!

Yet, the truth will always prevail. Getting the idea is not the hardest part of the job, it is sitting down to make it work. Patiently working at it, nurturing it, ironing out the issues as it pops up, getting better and better until you hit the critical mass and you become a legend.

The best thing for someone who is truly hungry for success to do is to shut the door against “hype”, ignore the media who are looking for stories that will sell, ignore short sighted investors who want to quickly cash out, focus on providing real value for a well defined set of people.

Then you must be prepared to do this for the long haul, for a long time. Stop thinking about how you will hit and run.

Mr Morebise, I do not have 10 years!

You do, you just do not realise it yet, I observed that most people who decide they want to just keep hitting and running usually end up failing and failing until finally they stop and look back to see that 10 years have been wasted already.

The funny thing is that people who take the plunge and decide to do the right thing do not even end up toiling for 10 years. Yet, without the decision to keep hitting it for 10 years, you cannot get the mindset that will truly make your work blossom.

Be brave, do the right thing today.

It will not take 10 years (God forbid), but it is necessary to go in with a mindset that it might.

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