Think Small

Yes, you read that right, I did not make a mistake.

Think small

Think small and, yes you really should think small.

I am so confident we have all heard the THINK BIG message so well, that it really is time to think small. When, I shared the idea (and magic) behind thinking small at a tech conference in Akure on December 14, 2012, I was crucified (and I am sure someone has stopped reading this POST already, but please, allow me plead my case)

Everyone is now chasing big, far out ideas that they have NO CAPACITY, KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE to execute and they BURN away!

You have to grow, you cannot jump.

When you jump, you soon fall back to your true size as gravity takes over. Everything is one step at a time, the small idea you start, grow and nurture today is what becomes big tomorrow.

Facebook started with a small idea to allow students of ONE SCHOOL connect with each other.

Amazon started by selling ONLY books online.

DAAR communications started with RAY POWER, a simple radio station.

Ricard Branson started by selling music records.

Why are you trying to start out in business by registering a “business group” offering everything under the sun?

The irony I observed is that many people who set out to build business groups hardly ever makes it, but the small guy who hangs on to his small idea over time diversifies into new fields, armed with his previous work experience and practical knowledge, he will seemingly become a success overnight. So, here is the new mantra you really want to take to heart:

Think small, execute small, learn from small, GROW into BIG.

When you work on something small, you learn the basics and become a better man that can tackle and handle BIG things. This I believe holds a key for many people.

(Looking forward to your (angry?) responses already, just hit reply. Let us talk!)

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