Re: Why do Inventors die poor?

A lot of people send in comments and analysis of TMP everyday, but I know that a lot of our subscribers still do not realise that the emails are reply-able. So, we decided to publish a recent feedback we got on one of our posts.

Gbemi, did not quite agree with our post about Inventors and incomes streams, so he sent this in:

Firstly, I ll like to know what your definition is been ‘rich’ is? To me it doesn’t really mean having fleet of jets, garage with expensive cars, summer in beautiful cities in the world, it means having less needs and living a life where YOU impact others.

Also, I’d like to add that inventing something is a big risk itself.

Inventors don’t die poor because of the following reasons:

1. When U invent something, YOU don’t have it at the back of your mind that YOU wanna add millions to your pocket but to solve a particular problem.
2. They leave LEGACIES forever:
Money don’t last, but legacies do.
3. Scientist ain’t Economists:
An economist keeps thinking on how to make more money while inventors think on how to be successful with his research, even if it means spending all he has. And like I earlier said: invention involves risk taking, he might spend all he has without getting a breakthrough thus U guys term him been ‘poor’.
Note: Everything stated above are my personal opinions.

– Gbemi responding to this Post

Here is my reply:

You do have a lot of valid points, let me clearly explain myself.

Inventors are poor in terms of getting well compensated for their inventions, they fail to make money… They are carried away by inventing and as such they fail to build (or invent) income streams.

An inventor with income streams is able to build what he needs to build without seeking financial assistance from people who usually end up cheating the inventor.

That is the major argument of the TMP edition you re-acted to.


Let me wrap things up with another applause we received:

you spoke to my heart

“While you are still debating whether or not
to start your own idea, someone just
launched Washist, without any fancy apps,
thunder or brimstone. Just a simple service
that (hopefully) works.”

– Chiazor responding to Watching The World section on This Post.

We thank God for everything.
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