Always communicate!

In business, the most important thing is communication. Proper communication.

Clear, concise communication is very important, it is as important as having good intentions and the now clichéd integrity.

I have seen many business projects go sour when a simple text message, a little emailing or a phone call to explain EXACTLY what was going on could have saved everyone the trouble.

A real business man has to stay available every time, as a business man it is not a compliment when your clients say you are “hard to reach”. Your mobile phone should never be switched off, in the next room or (God forbid), forgotten at home!

These days, your mobile phone also doubles as your 24 hours office from where we can quickly make enquiries and quick transactions without any physical meet up.

It seems all so simple, yet a lot of business men (my humble self inclusive) have erred greatly in this area and we have lost money due to this.

Running late on project delivery time lines? Pick up the phone and speak up, clearly. Let the sincerity resonate! (Donald Trump thinks emailing and SMS are for the feeble minded who can not speak up)



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