Are you doing your best or are you the best in the world?

Unlike politics and religion, when it comes to business and people parting with their money to purchase your goods and services, you have to be good, very good.

You have to be the best. You must not be seen as merely doing your best.

This is the reason: If you do your best, only your friends and well wishers will notice you, but if you are the best in the world, the market will notice you and patronize you.

I learnt this the hard way, in 2009 when I launched the first version of Gistcaster, I was doing my best. Gistcaster was not better than Facebook or Twitter and hence, I only got patronised by my friends and well wishers. Nobody else noticed me.

I finally gathered enough strength to press the shut down button in 2011 and refocused my energies on finding spaces where I could be the best in the world, niches like alert delivery and location based interaction systems where I could define the categories and decide how things should work as opposed to competing with Facebook for your time.

These days, my ventures; Gistcaster, OneCrier and The Morebise Post do not compete with any other thing out there for your time.

The trick therefore is this: If you do not have enough resources to be the best in the whole world, look for a smaller space (your city, your state, your country) where you can truly make the biggest impact and be the BEST without any alternative for what you do.


Watching The World

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