Why do Inventors die poor?

Everyone needs income streams, not a few. The more the better

An income stream is simply a medium through which money can flow into your pocket.

Money is important, very important and money is a crucial factor that determines whether or not you will be able to move your ideas from your mind and into the physical world. A lot of inventors over the years have died broke because they had no income stream that kept running while they chased the BIG picture.

That is a mistake you do not want to make in this century, you will end up badly.

Let me share some more simple ideas about how you could create an income stream. My goal with sharing these ideas is to get you started, you are solely responsible for amplification and execution of the ideas.

I tried to pick ideas that can be executed with little or no serious capital needed. The ideas are geared towards the student community.

A Mobile Shop

Buying and selling remains a big opportunity for everybody to plug into. Look out for things you can sell higher than you bought them. For example, going to Computer Village, Ikeja to buy headset at #250 and selling them for #450 in your neighborhood. The selling price has to cover your costs and put a healthy return inside your pocket.

People will keep buying from you if you are of good character and give them product support. You can do this with books, gadgets, software, DVDs, cloths, anything! (And hey, you do not need a physical shop).

A Rental Business

Why buy when I can rent? Look for things people around you would prefer to rent than buy. Create a rental business around it.

Be innovative, think really hard and come up with unique items people really need to rent. Rent it out and start making some profits.

A local tour operator

Create a tour of popular places around you, a museum or zoo is top-of-the-mind but you could also organise an outing to transport a group of people (usually young people, teens) to see a movie and have launch at a 5 star restaurant. Look for primary and secondary schools around you to start with.

If you can execute any one of these ideas, you would have created a brand new income stream. If you have any questions or need help to move them further, just reply this email.


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