Getting the idea is just half of the work

Mental labor is very important for coming up with ideas and concepts that are truly revolutionary. True, but that is just half of the work.

The other half of the work is to shut the door, get rid of all distractions and get to work.

The artist (you) must learn how to split your time between ideation (coming up with ideas) and real work. It is a simple fact that unless you partition off some time to sit down and work, the work remains undone!

No one from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs to Elon Musk got paid for having great ideas.

Rather, they all get paid for the grand final product. The sum result of all the brilliant ideas. So, until you move from I have a bright idea to I have a product to sell. You are lazy, lame, a shame, (insert other words here). Oh! And you remain poor too.

I am sure you got the point!

Do great stuff,

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