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ByAdemola Morebise

Building in vain

I have watched and seen do many people toil and toil, working their heads and hearts out, trying to build something awesome, only to fail.

And when they finally fail, we cannot trace the failure to foolishness or lack of know-how, we end up concluding that she was not “lucky”

And it is interesting to note that if you read through a lot of biography of people we regard to be successful, a lot of them attribute their success to sheer luck. Not their brilliant idea or the brilliant execution, but luck.

People attribute their success to luck, luck is supposed to be events that we cannot really explain or logically analyze. Many people at the heart of the matter do not really like discussing these things, so they say “luck” and hence, we cannot probe further.

But, we should know better. There is no such thing as luck! DO not be deceived!! These people know how they run their things, and you too should.

What comes to mind then is

“Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. Unless the LORD protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good.”

(Psalms 127: 1 (New Living Translation)

I want to infer also that unless the LORD builds a business, the work of the Entrepreneur is wasted and she cannot really make a headway. If you recall, when Jesus Christ was taking his leave, one of the things he left behind was power to build an “institution” upon the bedrock of Christ, an institution that the powers of hell would not be able to conquer. (Matthew 16:18)

Which means that whenever a Christian steps out to start a church/business/school/whatever, he should be expecting the powers of hell to come knocking. What will now determine if you will fail or succeed is if the LORD is building with you.

Nobody makes a headway in life by only been brilliant and forward thinking, you need to have a power somewhere working for you.

Do not join the league of people who are building in vain. That is folly!

ByAdemola Morebise

What is working now? What will work next?

I think it is the top job of any serious person in business, technology or any sector of the economy is to find what currently works, what will work next and do it.

And keep repeating this loop until arrival at promise land.

Steve Jobs said up to 90% of business is run on decisions and assumptions made 100 years ago, nobody is challenging the way things are done, because well, they seem to work for now.

Finding what works right now is the starting point because you want to set out in a way your target audience will recognise you, but you MUST move on to find out what next will work and deliver it.

You have to innovate or die.

It is no longer NTA or AIT, we have a lot more options. If you find a gap somewhere and close in to form a monopoly, do not expect to keep such a place forever, unless you are able to find what will keep working. The next thing.

So, by all means start your shop the way others have been doing it for 150 years, with finding a physical store and loading it up with goods. But you have to move on; add customer loyalty programs, install effective KYC programs, a website, home delivery etc. You make your store so good at fulfilling your customer’s needs that they never have to go elsewhere.

Then, stop bothering your head with “what” you are building, let the critics keep asking “is that an online store or what?”, “are you building an ecommerce business”. Don’t bother yourself, what you are really doing is what businesses and projects where meant to do: finding a set of people who have needs and fulfilling their needs. That’s all. Do not limit yourself to the box of what people think a Shop/Church/Ministry/Architects should do.

Destroy the Box

Find what works and what will keep working. That is how you stay relevant to people you set out to serve!

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Growing #TMP

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ByAdemola Morebise

Open for business

Most times, like a bolt of lightening you get an idea.

Hours or days or years later, you are ready to roll. You are open for business.

Getting your project in place is quite energy sapping, there are always a lot of hurdles to clear. You have to ensure that every bit of the idea is well thought out and you really stand a chance to make it work.

You want to think through the idea before you start, yet you do not want to fall into what we call analysis paralysis, a situation whereby due to over analysis, you are paralyzed from taking any action on the project itself and so, the idea dies a natural death.

You do not want to get bugged down by numerous meetings with the various stakeholders in the project. You sometimes wish you can just find the hidden fast forward button of life and skip forward to when the project finally begins. (Rumour has it that the button indeed exists, God uses it to browse through time)

As scary as all this seems, none is as serious as the time after all is set and you are searching for the first customer. You are now open for business, but unless your target audience are aware that you now exist, it does not count.

We have to ensure that the process of creating the product does not take every energy we have that we have nothing left for marketing after the product is finally ready.

You cannot afford to burn out at the very last step, because it not really the last step. It is the first step of the next level. The next day of your life has just started.


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ByAdemola Morebise

Learning a lesson

There is no easy way to learn a lesson. The pain you feel inside is part of the learning… Infact, without that painful feeling of a loss on the inside, you have not learnt anything.

No pain, No gain

The first hand knowledge and near death experiences are the seal to ensure we will not venture into it. Never again.

In as much as we love to learn from others, personal experiences remain the best teacher. The scars from such an adventure remains the best reminders of what it felt like.

Whenever your projects tumble or you fail at something and add another item to your list of THINGS NOT TO DO, do so proudly!

You have just learnt a lesson, and no one can undo the great things you just learnt.


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ByAdemola Morebise

I do not have 10 years

It still takes a lot of work and about 10 years to become truly successful.

This is the harsh truth people know, but refuse to talk about. Honestly, who wants to think they are 10 years away from their breakthrough?

Definitely not me!

Yet, the truth will always prevail. Getting the idea is not the hardest part of the job, it is sitting down to make it work. Patiently working at it, nurturing it, ironing out the issues as it pops up, getting better and better until you hit the critical mass and you become a legend.

The best thing for someone who is truly hungry for success to do is to shut the door against “hype”, ignore the media who are looking for stories that will sell, ignore short sighted investors who want to quickly cash out, focus on providing real value for a well defined set of people.

Then you must be prepared to do this for the long haul, for a long time. Stop thinking about how you will hit and run.

Mr Morebise, I do not have 10 years!

You do, you just do not realise it yet, I observed that most people who decide they want to just keep hitting and running usually end up failing and failing until finally they stop and look back to see that 10 years have been wasted already.

The funny thing is that people who take the plunge and decide to do the right thing do not even end up toiling for 10 years. Yet, without the decision to keep hitting it for 10 years, you cannot get the mindset that will truly make your work blossom.

Be brave, do the right thing today.

It will not take 10 years (God forbid), but it is necessary to go in with a mindset that it might.

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ByAdemola Morebise

Think Small

Yes, you read that right, I did not make a mistake.

Think small

Think small and, yes you really should think small.

I am so confident we have all heard the THINK BIG message so well, that it really is time to think small. When, I shared the idea (and magic) behind thinking small at a tech conference in Akure on December 14, 2012, I was crucified (and I am sure someone has stopped reading this POST already, but please, allow me plead my case)

Everyone is now chasing big, far out ideas that they have NO CAPACITY, KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE to execute and they BURN away!

You have to grow, you cannot jump.

When you jump, you soon fall back to your true size as gravity takes over. Everything is one step at a time, the small idea you start, grow and nurture today is what becomes big tomorrow.

Facebook started with a small idea to allow students of ONE SCHOOL connect with each other.

Amazon started by selling ONLY books online.

DAAR communications started with RAY POWER, a simple radio station.

Ricard Branson started by selling music records.

Why are you trying to start out in business by registering a “business group” offering everything under the sun?

The irony I observed is that many people who set out to build business groups hardly ever makes it, but the small guy who hangs on to his small idea over time diversifies into new fields, armed with his previous work experience and practical knowledge, he will seemingly become a success overnight. So, here is the new mantra you really want to take to heart:

Think small, execute small, learn from small, GROW into BIG.

When you work on something small, you learn the basics and become a better man that can tackle and handle BIG things. This I believe holds a key for many people.

(Looking forward to your (angry?) responses already, just hit reply. Let us talk!)

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ByAdemola Morebise

Re: Why do Inventors die poor?

A lot of people send in comments and analysis of TMP everyday, but I know that a lot of our subscribers still do not realise that the emails are reply-able. So, we decided to publish a recent feedback we got on one of our posts.

Gbemi, did not quite agree with our post about Inventors and incomes streams, so he sent this in:

Firstly, I ll like to know what your definition is been ‘rich’ is? To me it doesn’t really mean having fleet of jets, garage with expensive cars, summer in beautiful cities in the world, it means having less needs and living a life where YOU impact others.

Also, I’d like to add that inventing something is a big risk itself.

Inventors don’t die poor because of the following reasons:

1. When U invent something, YOU don’t have it at the back of your mind that YOU wanna add millions to your pocket but to solve a particular problem.
2. They leave LEGACIES forever:
Money don’t last, but legacies do.
3. Scientist ain’t Economists:
An economist keeps thinking on how to make more money while inventors think on how to be successful with his research, even if it means spending all he has. And like I earlier said: invention involves risk taking, he might spend all he has without getting a breakthrough thus U guys term him been ‘poor’.
Note: Everything stated above are my personal opinions.

– Gbemi responding to this Post

Here is my reply:

You do have a lot of valid points, let me clearly explain myself.

Inventors are poor in terms of getting well compensated for their inventions, they fail to make money… They are carried away by inventing and as such they fail to build (or invent) income streams.

An inventor with income streams is able to build what he needs to build without seeking financial assistance from people who usually end up cheating the inventor.

That is the major argument of the TMP edition you re-acted to.


Let me wrap things up with another applause we received:

you spoke to my heart

“While you are still debating whether or not
to start your own idea, someone just
launched Washist, without any fancy apps,
thunder or brimstone. Just a simple service
that (hopefully) works.”

– Chiazor responding to Watching The World section on This Post.

We thank God for everything.
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ByAdemola Morebise

How to NOT faint when challenge comes

There is a real need to PRAY if you do not want to faint when challenge comes, this is what Jesus taught us to do in Luke 18:1. Whenever it seems things are not working or we do not see what we want to see, it is a clear sign that we need to pray.

And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;

Luke 18:1 (King James Version)

The reason we need to pray is simple, we live in a world controlled by spiritual forces and in order to make any serious headway in this world, you must align yourself with a spiritual force.

Jesus told his disciples a parable about their need to pray all the time and never give up.
Luke 18: 1 (International Standard Version)

You do not really just want to fold your arms and do nothing, this is why I believe Jesus had to teach his disciples on the need for them to pray, continuously pray until something happens!

Taking a clue from Elijah (1 Kings 18: 41 – 46)

Elijah knew the rain was about to return, yet after praying for it once, he did not stop and move on. He stayed put and kept praying for 6 more times until he saw the rain, he did not bulge!

This teaches me also to pray and pray and keep praying until something changes and I have physical evidence! I cannot continue to pretend all is well, when it is really not!

One reason people fail to pray often is because we think praying wastes time, time better spent thinking or debugging or watching a movie. Yet it is the exact opposite.

Prayer does not waste time, it saves time!

After Elijah’s 7 rounds of prayer, he still arrived at the destination ahead of his well funded opponent!

Here is the JMNT version of that same scripture:

Now He went on [and] told them a parable (an illustration cast alongside) with a view facing the [circumstances for] them, [that] it is of necessity at all times to be constantly thinking, speaking and active with an aim toward goodness, ease and well-being (or: keep praying), and not to give in to the bad or worthless [situation or conditions] (or: to dwell within an ugly mood or a disposition of poor quality; or: to respond badly in [something])

Luke 18:1 (Jonathan Mitchell New Testament Translation)

Take time out to pray today!


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ByAdemola Morebise

Newer technology is not always better for business

In as much as we love to drive businesses (especially the brick and mortar ones) to adopt ‘cutting’ edge technologies as they emerge. There is a valid point in the fact that adopting latest technology just for “adopting sake” is silly. Newer technology is not always better for business

The newest technology offerings may be better than the old, but they may not necessarily be more efficient. The onus then is on business owners to seriously consider and weigh in options before deploying such technology into their own business.

When the television was invented back then, experts quickly predicted the demise of the radio. Today, FM Radio has a global reach of 4.2 billion, Traditional TV has a reach of 1.9 billion and TV keeps losing ground to on-demand media platforms like Youtube. So far, newer and better technologies including Personal Computer (1.4 billion), and even the Internet (2.5 billion) has not been able to eradicate the Radio. The Radio remains as relevant to marketing and advertising today as it was back in the days.

On December 3, 1992, the first ever SMS was sent. Since then SMS has become a major tool for communication, used heavily by individuals and businesses alike. Then the mobile-era started and apps like BBM, Whatsapp and 2go appeared on the scene. Once again the experts and pundits have started predicting the death of SMS, yet SMS is alive and well. SMS is still arguably the best way for businesses to connect to their customers. The data speaks for itself:

  • Trillions of SMS are sent every year
  • 97% of SMS messages sent are read
  • In the UK, 97% of SMS are read within 5 seconds
  • SMS response rate is 26%

Cocacola’s mobile advertising budget is broken down into:

  • 70% on mobile messaging
  • 20% on mobile web
  • 10% on mobile apps

Then you begin to wonder, in the developing world including places like Nigeria where data access is expensive and unreliable, why are so many talented programmers building cool Android and Blackberry Apps and ignoring SMS? They could easily build SMS Apps that has potentials of reaching more people.

So, while Whatsapp and BBM are newer, better technology, they are yet to prove their efficiency in achieving what we can achieve by harnessing in full the power of SMS. SMS has a global reach of 6.8 billion; all messaging apps in the world combined do not have this power. I know this as a fact because only one-third of the world population has access to the internet, and all these apps rely on the internet to function. (That is a problem Mark Zuckerberg is currently trying to solve)

Every business owner, business manager needs to learn that it is not about the technology; it boils down to one question: HOW DOES THIS TECHNOLOGY INCREASE MY PROFIT? If any technology is ever deployed for your business and it doesn’t contribute positively to the bottom line (MORE PROFIT), you are better off without such technology.

The role of technology has always been to simplify things and make things run better, but on the other hand, every now and then, some technology arrives that is just way ahead of its time. Such technology might be newer and better than the existing solutions, but it may not be efficient enough for a business day-to-day usage.


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ByAdemola Morebise

Always communicate!

In business, the most important thing is communication. Proper communication.

Clear, concise communication is very important, it is as important as having good intentions and the now clichéd integrity.

I have seen many business projects go sour when a simple text message, a little emailing or a phone call to explain EXACTLY what was going on could have saved everyone the trouble.

A real business man has to stay available every time, as a business man it is not a compliment when your clients say you are “hard to reach”. Your mobile phone should never be switched off, in the next room or (God forbid), forgotten at home!

These days, your mobile phone also doubles as your 24 hours office from where we can quickly make enquiries and quick transactions without any physical meet up.

It seems all so simple, yet a lot of business men (my humble self inclusive) have erred greatly in this area and we have lost money due to this.

Running late on project delivery time lines? Pick up the phone and speak up, clearly. Let the sincerity resonate! (Donald Trump thinks emailing and SMS are for the feeble minded who can not speak up)