Buying and Selling

ByAdemola Morebise

Buying and Selling

Until the very last second of the end of the world, people are surely going to keep buying and selling. Commerce is a sector of the global economy that will keep growing year after year as it remains a core activity.

That is why we really should look into the commerce space and see how we can fit in. Unlike other spaces like Smartphone operating systems where there is space for a major runner (Android), a number 2 (iOS) and the others, the commerce space is BIG and has a lot of verticals.

So, are you a trader? If not, what are you waiting for? If you are already trading something, have you considered how digital tech can help you amplify it better??

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Why do Inventors die poor? | The Morebise PostPosted on4:30 am - Aug 19, 2014

[…] Buying and selling remains a big opportunity for everybody to plug into. Look out for things you can sell higher than you bought them. For example, going to Computer Village, Ikeja to buy headset at #250 and selling them for #450 in your neighborhood. The selling price has to cover your costs and put a healthy return inside your pocket. […]

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