First Bank, PayPal partnership opens a great door of opportunity for everyone, hop in!

Big news: First Bank and PayPal have teamed up to create a platform by which Nigerians can now truly do business online.

I am obviously excited about this because I believe this will pave the way for REAL ecommerce activities in Nigeria. The convieniece of just been able to make online payments and transfer funds across the world in 193 countries and regions globally, this is what many people have prayed for over the years.

How do you fit in?

Online payment solution might not be the final enemy to be conquered per se, but it is a major victory never the less. I expect many people to look at how they can start their online business now

  • Online shops
  • Online schools
  • Sell books online
  • Offer services online
  • Pay for anything online

Infact, I am off to a First Bank branch closest to me, I need to get myself a new bank account there!

Watching the World

  • Read about the First Bank, PayPal partnership here
  • Raphael Afaedor, Co-Founder of Jumia, one of Nigeria’s first major online stores has started a new project, is an online grocery delivery service serving the Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and Lekki areas of Lagos. Check out this interview he granted.
  • Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19bn, how can I get a big company to buy me too? Read this

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