1 Earth, 3 Systems

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Before I rush out full force to start sharing tips and resources, I feel it is important to setup a sort of background for the things I will be sharing here.

I am not a Tech Entrepreneur who goes to church; I am a Christian who uses his skills in Entreprenuership. My faith and believe systems do not operate like a tap: I cannot turn it off and on.

Before you click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email, let me explain how I became like this.

1 Earth, 3 Systems

We live on planet earth, earth is the realm where all living things dwells.

However, on the same earth, everyone is governed by a different set of laws. There are 3 systems operating on the earth:

  • The system of Men
  • The system of Devil
  • The system of God
The system of Man is natural wisdom, man can sit down to analyse and predict the course of actions and hence make decisions. This system however suffers from lack of true foresight and that is why most man made systems and establishments always crash in the course of time. This system is the one we train people about publicly in schools, teachings and writings.

This system is easily manipulatable by the other 2 systems.

The system of the Devil is when we operate by the backing from the prince of demons. Demonic inspiration and insights is given to a man, easily elevates him above his peers. This system is used by a lot of people who attained to global heights. We have all heard about the illuminati cult, that cult is just one of several. The system has a lot of downsides because whatever comes from the Devil is not a true gift; they are more like TROJAN HORSES that will hurt you more in the long run. In exchange for wealth for instance, many have traded away their life span.

The system of God is when we operate by the backing of El-Elyon, The Almighty God. He inspires and gives men wisdom to do great exploits on the earth. Whoever can draw close enough to God is elevated above all his peers. God has a way of doing things, but over time, religion and sin has eroded men of HIS true wisdom.

God never intended to only do wonders with Daniel, Job, Noah and the other fantastic heros we read about in the bible. He wants everybody – All 7 billion of us to exhibit this. But we have allowed the devil to cheat us.

Be not deceived friend, to make it in life, you must not only follow natural wisdom – the system of men. To truly succeed in life, you must learn how to operate using the system of the devil or the system of God. But after all I saw, learnt and experienced what the system of the devil does to people, I made my decision.

I only teach, train, write and speak to- the people using principles of the system of God.

There you have it, so if you decide the newsletter will not be for you afterall, no hard feelings. Just unsubscribe below. For those still with me, thanks! Tommorrow, we discuss business and Entrepreneurship.

Do good stuff,

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