The Morebise Post

ByAdemola Morebise

The Morebise Post

And so begins a journey, one I have postponed for up to 3years.A simple secured way to share ideas and discuss personally with family, friends, fans, Nigerians and who-ever stumbles upon me on the inter webs.

The mission is simple, I want to start consistently sharing THE POST everyday, there are POSTS and then there is THE POST. I am breaking inertia by composing and sending out this first edition to precisely no one.

But then, this is the same way every great thing started: GROUND ZERO.

Make good stuff,


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Ademola Morebise is an Inventor by Night, Business consultant by Day and a Teacher in between. He writes the #TMP daily devotionals for upwardly mobile professionals.

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100 – The Morebise PostPosted on2:56 am - Oct 24, 2014

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